Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day with a SLUPlift™

Mother’s Day is drawing near. This once a year celebration is the perfect day to appreciate every moms’ hard work. If you’re the light of your home, you know more than anyone about your eminent role in the lives of the people around you. You have undergone hardships, and you deserve to be rewarded. Thus, this coming Mother’s Day, how about you give yourself a treat? Reclaim your youthful look, shine with radiance, and bloom—because you are worthy of a SLUPlift™.

What the SLUPlift™ Can Do for You

SLUPlift™ is a unique approach to beautification because it’s different from other traditional Facelift techniques. Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj, a New York City top Facial Plastic Surgeon, came up with an efficient way to make women look younger with natural and subtle results. His new technique, the SLUPlift™, is known for its ability to rejuvenate while minimizing scars. During the SLUPlift™, Dr. Slupchynskyj tightens and lifts skin using strategically placed sutures. He may also remove or redistribute fat in the face, jowls, and neck to achieve a smoother appearance and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Here is what SLUPlift™ can do for you:

  • Tighten loose skin around the face and neck area.
  • Create a youthful transformation with limited scars.
  • Smooth away facial lines and wrinkles.
  • Contour the face.

Why SLUPlift™ is Best for Moms

Because of the effects of time and the difficult lives of moms, signs of aging begin to appear. These signs of aging include poorly defined necklines, jaws, and cheekbones. Loss of facial volume may become noticeable, too. The SLUPlift™ resolves these issues and helps you defy the signs of aging. Dr. Slupchynskyj’s Facelift procedure can make mommies look young and more appealing once again without the hassle of noticeable scars.

Why Consider SLUPlift™ on Mother’s Day?

You deserve to look and feel good. If your wrinkles and drooping skin around the neck and cheeks are affecting your self-esteem, SLUPlift™ is the procedure for you. Every mom is worthy of having an appearance that she would be proud of. Every mom deserves happiness. If looking good would make you happy, then it’s the perfect gift to give yourself. Aging is inevitable, but looking old can be avoided.

Undergo SLUPlift™ on Mother’s Day, Schedule a Consultation

Dr. Slupchynskyj and his team of highly-skilled experts would be glad to walk you through everything you desire to know about SLUPlift™. Schedule a consultation now, and treat yourself on Mother’s Day by enhancing your look!