Life Changing

Why? After my 62nd birthday this year, I realized I was holding up my face with my fingers, wondering what I might look like without sagging skin in my neck, and the jowls that were forming. I knew that I just didn’t have the time to take the weeks needed for a full Face Lift. Then one day my office manager told me about an amazing new surgery, the SLUPlift™, and she had been researching the doctor and the procedure for over a year. She thought it was the best thing for a busy person, and loved the results she saw on the website. Because she is such a great detective on everything, I checked it out, and immediately called for an appointment. A few weeks later, in August, I had the surgery.

I was very impressed with how I was treated on the day of the surgery. I really appreciated the doctor’s calming way with me, and I was very surprised that there was so little pain. Although I was bandaged, I was excited to see what I would look like the next day when they would be removed. I could already see, even with bandages, that my neck was tight again. There was a small complication, which I should have addressed immediately, but I waited a few hours. I was very happy when the doctor called me right back, and immediately made arrangements to see me again. Within the hour the issue was resolved, and I was on my way to a beautiful healing.

It’s not quite 2 weeks since my Facelift Surgery. I only missed two days of work. I’ve had a few follow-up visits, and I am so excited about the new face in the mirror. I’ve been given the chance to roll back the clock about 10+ years. What is most appealing, is that I’ve received so many compliments, with everyone thinking I’ve just changed my hairstyle, not asking about my Facelift. I think that’s the sign of wonderful surgery.

My close friends are now aware of why I look so much better, and they are all getting ready to schedule their own times with the doctor.

—D. H., Morristown, NJ