Vanishing Taboos : As More and More Women & Men Choose to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery There is Less and Less to Hide

Since the dawn of the Plastic Surgery industry, Plastic Surgeons have made a business out of literally giving their patients less and less to hide.  Whether it be performing a breast implant operation that made someone feel confident to wear form fitting shirts or a Rhinoplasty that inspired more picture sharing for someone who is… Read More »

Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Men

Say the words “Cosmetic Surgery” and people’s minds usually go directly to women: BOTOX®™, Facelifts, and Breast Augmentation. But, we know from our successful New York Plastic Surgery Practice, men are most certainly embracing the power of surgical advancements to enhance their looks and physique. Just take a look at this list, “The 10 Most Popular Cosmetic… Read More »

Best Places to Find Online Cosmetic Surgery Support and Information

If you are considering Cosmetic Surgery, it’s important to do your research and build a support network as you evaluate which procedures are right for you, and determine the shapes, sizes, and types of modifications you want to make. This is especially true when you are making changes to your face, which is your most familiar… Read More »

Cosmetic Surgery After Breast Cancer

When most people think about Cosmetic Surgery after Breast Cancer, they immediately envision breast reconstruction surgeries, which are used to restore a woman’s feminine curves by recontouring the chest and providing new breast tissue, or implants, to replace the original breast tissue that was removed; however, the physical and psychological effects of surviving cancer go… Read More »

The Real Deal – Cosmetic Surgery in Your 30’s

The best method for approaching Cosmetic Surgery is a practical one: identify a problem area, or multiple problem areas, and then create a plan to fix them. It’s as simple as that. For many of our clients, the 30’s bring about the first signs of aging. Perhaps the crow’s feet around the eyes have become… Read More »

Can Plastic Surgery Improve Your Sex Life?

Recent studies show that Cosmetic Surgery procedures can improve your sex life. Multiple studies published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal tracked patients after they had received various body contouring procedures. An overwhelming percentage of responses indicated these procedures enhance the patients’ sex lives as well as their interpersonal relationships. Not only are their own sex lives enhanced,… Read More »

Can Plastic Surgery Improve Athletic Performance?

When most of us think about Cosmetic Surgery procedures, we immediately jump to those procedures designed to enhance a person’s physical appearance such as Face Lifts, Breast Augmentation, or Ethnic Rhinoplasty; however, there is another aspect of Plastic Surgery that is lesser known, and that is the use of cosmetic surgical procedures to improve athletic performance…. Read More »

Talking to Your Kids about Cosmetic Surgery

The decision to have Cosmetic Surgery is a personal one. However, it also has an effect on friends and family members. Children can be the most impacted, especially if they are present throughout your post-surgical recovery period. While the immediate swelling and bruising is usually gone within the first week or so, it can take… Read More »

The Importance of Holistic Health on Cosmetic Surgery Success

While it’s easy to view your body one part at a time, it’s important to remember that each part is intricately connected to the whole. Your holistic health will have a direct impact on the recovery time and the outcome of your upcoming Cosmetic Surgery. Emotional well-being, lifestyle choices and nutrition all play a role in a complication-free procedure,… Read More »