Spring Forward to What’s Hot

Now that it’s officially spring, we bring you the top beauty and fashion trends for making a real splash into the warmer weather. Now that you’ve shed those winter layers, it’s time to unveil something truly amazing to the world.

First we consulted Allure Magazine for the colors to help you “face” the world like a true fashionista:

● Its spring, not Halloween but you still might like to experiment with orange lipstick. Although it’s been trendy for a while, this year’s orange is more explosive. Try an orange with a neon glow. They say it’s hard to stand out on in a place like NYC, but this could be a street-stopper.

● Asking men to look into your “deep blue eyes” will now be easier than ever regardless of your natural features. Cobalt is the color of “cool” this spring when choosing an eye shadow. Lighter shades got ditched for the darker, “diva blue” hues.

● The word is out there was a major break-up. Black liners got bounced and were replaced by a subtle upgrade to navy blue. Step out on a limb and secure something new to frame your magnificent “windows” to your summer soul.

● Although you may have been looking forward to traditional “beachy” colors for your nails and open toed shoes try something “winter retro” this spring. Chocolate tastes good anytime of the year and now it looks great on your nails after a mani pedi, year round as well.

Now what’s “Prêt-à-Porter” from your shopping bags to your first outdoor cocktail? It’s going to be street side dining time soon and we want to help you make the avenues your runway. Elle Magazine recommends a few must-haves:

● Logo your way to cafe seating arrangements this spring. Don’t be afraid to show the world just whose stores you’re shopping in. Anything that displays your favorite designer’s initials with pride will be the best in show.

● If logos are too much for your understated taste, don’t worry because opposites always attract. Minimalism is also heating up like the temperatures. Basic, one shade bags and trousers and classic gold link jewelry will also satisfy any audience’s craving for the latest in style.

● For the men its metro but for the ladies its 80’s retro, at least that is when it comes to their shoe fetish. 1980’s style, low heeled pumps are back for a spring flash.

● It’s NYC not Cali, however, “casual chic” may hit east coast boardrooms as well this spring. Try some surf inspired, but career ready board shorts. Show off those legs in unique, bi-coastal fashion.

● If Cali isn’t far enough, pull a piece from even farther away. Traverse the concrete jungle in tribal inspired dresses with fringe and more street stopping orange to match your lips. Let your wardrobe take you far, far away from blending into boring NYC, black and gray favorites.

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