From Fat Transfer Face Lifts to the Vampire Face Lift, the cosmetic surgery industry is always creating new procedures in order to help reduce and reverse the signs of aging. Below we will discuss a few of the current trends in face-lift surgery and reveal whether they are hype or the real thing.

“Stem Cell” Face Lifts

Plastic Surgeons the world over have been and are always searching for effective ways of restoring the youth and vitality for many years. Even though there have been many breakthroughs in technology, men and women are constantly looking for effective means of enhancing their appearance, which include results that are natural and last.

Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic and exciting increase in stem cell research across the board in the medical field to treat disease. For years, scientists were aware that fat within the human body harbored adult stem cell – including other regenerative cells, whose benefits are just starting to be studied.

The Stem Cell Facelift treatment is a procedure, which has been highly marketed, yet some of the claimed results are unsubstantiated. What really is being performed is Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting facial rejuvenation procedure. This facial rejuvenation process takes place under local anesthesia and will leave the patient with a more natural and youthful appearance. This is achieved by simply rejuvenating and adding more volume to the skin with the patient’s own fat – typically harvested from the abdominal area. There is no conclusive evidence yet that adult stem cells in the fat are responsible for the rejuvenation. That said, Fat Grafting produces excellent results by filling in the areas of the face where volume has been lost, mostly due to aging. Following are a few advantages.

  • Non-surgical
  • No incisions
  • Quick procedure
  • Minimal downtime
  • Face looks fuller and younger
  • Gives natural looking results
  • Reduced recovery time
  • Skin texture is improved and toned
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Utilizes your fat so there is no allergic risk

Non-Surgical Face Lifts

A Non-Surgical Face Lift is considered an effective yet temporary procedure using dermal fillers and skin rejuvenating procedures. It is a timesaving and low risk procedure. Here are a few procedures Dr. Slupchynskyj regularly performs for Non-Surgical Facelifting:

  • Obagi Blue Peel
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Radiesse®
  • Restylane®
  • Silicone®
  • Sculptra®
  • Removal of Smokers’ Lines
  • Smoothing out Orbital Hollows
  • Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
  • Juvéderm®
  • BOTOX®™ Cosmetic

Advantages of Non-Surgical Face Lifts

After years of making certain facial expressions, which involve repeated muscle contraction, the laugh lines and frown lines can become permanently etched into our skin. A non-surgical procedure can greatly minimize or dissolve noticeable lines and deep wrinkles on the face.

Following are a few of the advantages:

  • It is relatively pain free.
  • There is normally no recovery time or down-time.
  • It is a safe alternative to plastic surgery.
  • It is less expensive than a typical face-lift.
  • Fills out areas of the face, which have lost underlying fat and youthful fullness.
  • Peels tightens pores, remove sun damage and skin regains firmness.
  • Improves skin texture and softens wrinkles.
  • Minimizes puffiness around the eyes.
  • Reduces dark circles under the eyes.

Is a Non-Surgical Face Lift Effective?

Following a Non-Surgical Facelift, you will begin to notice a vast improvement. Depending on the non-surgical technique you and Dr. Slupchynskyj select, you may require a sequence of treatments to receive full results. You will also need frequent maintenance treatments to help keep up with the aging process as the dermal fillers used offer temporary versus permanent results.

Laser Face Lifts – Non-Surgical

The purpose of this technique is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines by creating tighter and softer looking skin without the use of traditional surgery. A Non-Surgical Laser Facelift, also referred to as “laser resurfacing”, utilizes a carbon dioxide laser to remove wrinkled areas of skin one layer at a time. This procedure can be performed by covering specific areas of the face or entire face.

How it Works:

With this procedure, the laser heats the dermis of your skin. It then creates a healing response that promotes the production of collagen. The collagen that exists in a patient’s skin is rejuvenated. Many people choose laser face-lifts because it provides visible results that make the face look younger at a reasonable price range. Yet the longevity of a “laser lift” is not that of Facelift surgery. There are no short cuts to attaining the natural and long lasting results of Dr. Slupchynskyj’s Facelift surgery.

Vampire Face Lift

One Face Lift procedure, which has been heavily marketed to the general public, is the Vampire Face Lift. It has recently become very popular among Hollywood celebrities. Some people have referred to this cosmetic procedure as the “Dracula Theme” face-lift. Although the Vampire Face Lift is that it is less expensive than traditional plastic surgery, it does not take the place of Facelifting surgery.

What’s the difference between a Facelift and a Vampire Face Lift?

The Vampire Face Lift, also known as Selphyl, is considered a non-surgical procedure similar to filler injections or the Non-Surgical Facelift. The difference between this cosmetic procedure and Restylane®™, Juvéderm®™ or Perlane®™ is that it uses a person’s own blood rather than artificial fillers.

How it Works:

The patient’s blood is first drawn, the platelets are then separated from the red blood cells and are blended together with a fibrin mixture. This substance is then injected into the area you want to enhance.

This procedure last approximately 15 months. Plus, like Fat Grafting, allergy testing is not required because your own blood is being used.


What is Thermage?

Thermage is often referred to as the ThermaCool treatment. It is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment for mild signs of aging. An example of this type of treatment would be the tightening of slightly sagging skin. It is normally used to tighten loose skin around the jowls of the face, cheeks and it’s used to contour other parts of the body, such as the hands arms and even the thighs.

How it Works:

This particular procedure uses radio-frequency energy. The Thermage device is used to heat up the deep layers of a patient’s skin while simultaneously cooling off the top layer of the skin.

This technique helps keep the skin together to avoid downtime. Following the procedure, you can resume your usual day-to-day activities immediately after the procedure. Although you will see most results immediately, some of the tightening process will gradually take place during a three to six month period. Thermage offers a variety of anti-aging benefits including:

  • Smoothes out forehead lines.
  • Smoothes out wrinkles.
  • Smoothes out crow’s feet.
  • Tightens and soften skin texture.
  • Improves jaw line.
  • Reduces jowls and softens scowl lines.

With this procedure, you won’t need an anesthetic. However, an injection is recommended to help avoid slight discomfort. This type of treatment takes approximately 1 to 2 hours. Some people combine Thermage with other procedures, such as BOTOX®™, dermal fillers or Liposuction.

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