Rhinoplasty Case 12



24 year old African American female who desired African American Rhinoplasty. Her main issues were that her nose was too broad, the bridge and nasofrontal angle was low and wide, and the tip of her nose was fat and bulbous.

Dr. Slupchynskyj performed an Open Rhinoplasty, African American Rhinoplasty. The bridge of her nose was elevated with a custom carved silicone implant, SLUPimplant™. The bridge and nasofrontal angle was raised to a suitable height. The tip was refined by defatting the nasal tip fibrofatty tissue and a Septal Cartilage Strut Graft was used to re-support and rotate the tip. In addition, a Shield Graft was sutured over the Septal Cartilage Shield Graft for additional tip definition and refinement. The width of the nostrils was tapered via a horizontal intra-sill incision was used to reduce the intra-nasal width.

Post-op pictures show this patient 2 months after surgery with increased bridge nasofrontal angle height, refined nasal tip and tapered nostrils.