Rhinoplasty Case 31



25 year old Hispanic female who sought Hispanic Rhinoplasty. She wished to correct a bulbous tip, under-rotated droopy tip, long nose and a slight depression in the naso-frontal angle. This patient selected Dr. Slupchynskyj due to his expertise in Rhinoplasty and Hispanic Rhinoplasty. She also requested a minor augmentation of her nasal dorsum with the custom carved SLUPimplant™.

Dr. Slupchynskyj performed an Open Rhinoplasty with his proprietary Ethnic Rhinoplasty technique, carving a custom silicone implant for slight dorsal elevation. The tip was refined via a Vertical Dome Division, Cephalic Strip, and Intercrural Strut and Shield Graft. The dorsal nasal bone was rasped and sculpted to accommodate the custom carved silicone implant. This patient is 6 weeks post-op in her photos.