Revision Ethnic Rhinoplasty Case 9



30 year old African-American female had a previous Rhinoplasty with another surgeon, and had asked for elevation of her nasal bridge, naso-frontal angle, as well as refinement of her tip and narrowing of her nostrils. The other surgeon neglected to elevate the nasal frontal angle and bridge adequately. Additionally, the other surgeon poorly executed an incision in the mid columella and also used a nasal sill technique to attempt to narrow the nostrils. Both caused distortion of the nose and nostril structures. Dr. Slupchynskyj corrected this patient’s poor results from another surgeon by performing Revision Rhinoplasty and placing a custom carved silastic implant to sufficiently augment and restore shape to her bridge. Nasal Revision Surgery included defatting of excess fibrous tissue in the tip and placement of cartilage grafts to refine and support the tip. Finally, placement of a columellar strut graft placed the nasal tip back into pleasing proportion. The patient is very happy post-operatively with her requested results.