Non-Surgical Procedures to Book for Fall Get-Togethers

Many of our patients in New York and New Jersey see the Fall season as a time for reuniting with family, friends, and loved ones. Thanksgiving, reunions, back to school parties, and holiday events fill their social calendars. As can be expected, most of our patients wish to look their best at these important annual events. Double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj, helps reunite his patients with a younger looking version of themselves with multiple rejuvenation treatments in the NYC and New Jersey areas.

BOTOX® Because You’re Busy

A big hurdle to plastic surgery is the amount of downtime that can be required. With juggling family and work commitments, finding free time to allow for surgical recovery may be near-impossible. BOTOX® treatments can have you in and out in a half hour with no downtime required. This treatment is perfect for busy patients who are constantly on the go, but love to look great with a natural, youthful appearance.

The results last from four to six months depending on areas treated and your body’s natural response. Because results are visible within a couple of weeks (if not sooner) it’s the perfect treatment for that event which is just around the corner. After your initial injections, you can enjoy longer lasting results with quick, convenient maintenance treatments to keep those dynamic wrinkles like forehead creases, crow’s feet, and glabellar lines at bay.

Dermal Fillers for Falling Skin

Although you should expect falling leaves in the fall, falling skin should not be something to ruin your facial appearance this autumn. Dermal fillers are an optimal and convenient treatment for facial volume loss and sagging skin. These injectable products restore facial volume to the upper and lower face, to fight against the common effects of aging. Dermal fillers can treat midface-volume loss, hollow cheeks, sagging skin, and wrinkles.

These treatments resolve static wrinkles and last for several months with no downtime and little side effects. They can also augment thinning lips.

Results by Winter with Plastic Surgery

Although non-surgical treatments are ideal for the busy man or woman on the go, surgical options can bring long-lasting results for patients who need to be completely healed by the end of fall. Their results can be visible by late October allowing time for incisions to heal, mature and fade.

These procedures include:


You can take a decade off your facial appearance by Thanksgiving with our facelift procedures. These surgeries tighten loose skin and refresh and support underlying tissue (SMAS). Dramatic results which look natural will bring rave reviews from family and friends at your holiday festivities with the constant comment being, “You look great!”

Brow Lift

Forehead creases and furrowed brows are eliminated with our most advanced endoscopic brow lift surgery. This surgery can be done as a standalone procedure or done concurrently with a facelift or Sluplift.

Eyelid Surgery

Refresh your look with eyelid surgery. Undereye bags, sagging eyelids, and a tired appearance can be resolved by tightening the upper and lower eyelids. You will look alert and refreshed in time for the holidays.

Get Ready for Your Get-Togethers

Whatever aesthetic treatment you need, Dr. Slupchynskyj has the procedure to get you ready for your fall get-togethers. To find out how you can look your best for your favorite event, schedule a consultation today.

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