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Laser Treatment for Spider Veins

Spider veins can appear on the face, breasts, and most occur on the legs. What causes them to develop? Loss of skin elasticity and vein wall elasticity, genetics, repeated sun exposure and age are the most common reasons for Spider Veins. The good news is that they respond very well to treatment.

The Spectrum Multi-Platform Laser is a cutting-edge laser for treating Spider Veins with exclusively high efficiency with unparalleled levels of treatment safety thanks to the distinctive power and pulse duration.

Benefits of Treatment for Spider Veins with the Spectrum Multi-Platform Laser/IPL include:

    1. High efficacy for both facial and leg veins.
    2. Essentially eliminates risk of scarring.
    3. Safe for all skin tones and types.

The Spectrum Multi-Platform Laser has cultivated a new standard for efficiency and safety for treatment of Spider Veins. The Laser combines the high affinity for hemoglobin with the groundbreaking pulse technology for an exceptional combination of high power and a mild, safe pulse duration. With the Spectrum Laser, any facial vessel in addition to Leg Telangiectasias can be treated with ease and minimal discomfort, and most are cleared in just or 2 -3 treatment sessions.

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