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For such a small flaw, a double chin can do quite a bit of damage; a double chin can make you look older and more overweight than you really are. They can appear due to anything: genetics, aging, and more commonly, weight gain. Also known as submental fullness, the double chin is when large deposits of fat develop in the submental region of the neck. While there are some treatments for the double chin already available, they’re either completely ineffective or require invasive surgery that not everyone should undergo. Kybella®, one of the most advanced injectables in the industry, is the solution for patients seeking the perfect balance of powerful treatment and no downtime.

Kybella® is the only injectable FDA-approved to permanently eliminate moderate to severe cases of submental fullness. With Kybella®, you can completely improve your profile and rejuvenate your look without having to resort to an invasive procedure.

Kybella® Procedure

The Kybella® procedure consists of a few injections delivered under the chin using a fine needle. The process is incredibly painless and quick, with most treatments lasting only 15-20 minutes. An ice pack or a topical anesthetic can be used to help with any discomfort, but by and large, Kybella® is a fairly comfortable procedure.

How Kybella® Works

Kybella® is composed of a substance called deoxycholic acid, which is a chemical used by our bodies to naturally burn fat. When injected into the treatment area, Kybella® will essentially destroy the fat cells that cause submental fullness. Once these fat cells are destroyed, they’re naturally processed and flushed from the body. These fat cells will never return, so your results should be completely permanent.

Kybella® results should be fully visible by around 4-6 weeks. While most patients see instant improvement after the first treatment, most patients require 2-4 treatments spread apart by a month for maximum results.

Recovery from Kybella®

Some patients experience swelling, bruising, redness, and soreness after their treatment, but these side effects are only temporary and should disappear after a week.

Chatham MediSpa is proud to provide of the best Kybella® treatments in the country.

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