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Laser Treatment for Angiomas

Angiomas are unappealing red vascular lesions that can develop in most body areas of both women and men. Our Spectrum Multi-Platform Laser consistently removes Angiomas in just 1 or 2 fast, simple and mild treatments that only require a few laser pulses.

Benefits of Treatment for Angiomas with the Spectrum Laser include:

  1. Instant treatment response.
  2. Fast, pain-free procedure.
  3. High patient satisfaction.

Angiomas are typified by their reddish color, the result of broken blood vessels, and typically appear on all parts of the body on both men and women. While not dangerous, many people wish to remove them. Our Laser targets hemoglobin in the broken capillaries and superheats them to coagulate the vessels. When this happens, the Angioma will usually immediately blanch and turn gray. This instantaneous reaction is a good indication that the Angioma has been removed and is very satisfying for the patient.

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