Can Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Rival the Real Deal?

There’s much to like about the idea of a non-surgical nose job – quick, highly tolerable, and little to no downtime. Add the fact that it is less expensive than the traditional rhinoplasty, and it’s easy to see why this alternative nose job is quickly trending in New York and New Jersey.

But there are some important facts to consider before deciding if a “liquid rhinoplasty” is right for you. Questions like:

  • How long will it take?
  • Is it safe?
  • How will I look?

What is a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

This cosmetic procedure is a technique which uses FDA-approved dermal fillers like Restylane®, Juvéderm®, and Radiesse®, to improve and modify the contour of the nose. The non-surgical rhinoplasty is popular with patients who want to change the appearance of their nose without the hassle or expense of surgery.

The procedure takes less than an hour (sometimes 15 minutes) and will provide temporary results lasting about one year.

Traditional Rhinoplasty Versus Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Traditional rhinoplasty is about changing nose contours and improving nose function. Whether the patient suffers from breathing issues or not, the surgical rhinoplasty will ensure open air flow through the nasal passages. In addition, nose contours experience improvement even if the primary reason for surgery is functional.

Rhinoplasty surgery can help with problems including sinus issues, allergies, hay fever, snoring and breathing concerns. If these are problematic with the patient, a traditional rhinoplasty is the recommended solution.

Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Slupchynskyj performs rhinoplasty surgery under twilight sedation to reshape the nose contour by correcting the cartilage and bones. Recovery takes about two or three weeks, depending on the patient. Although, many patients return to work within a week to ten days.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty (liquid nose job) uses injectable dermal fillers to add volume and improve the shape of the nose. Many patients opt for this option, because their aesthetic concerns are minimal and don’t warrant surgery, or they want to avoid the cost or recovery of surgery.

Their nose appearance may be a bit off, and they want to achieve a cosmetic change quickly and easily. Time restraints may play a role as well.

Is Liquid Rhinoplasty Right for Every Patient?

The procedure is for patients who want to improve nose contours but have no time or interest in a surgical procedure. With that said, a liquid rhinoplasty offers a temporary improvement to the shape of the nose.

Also, it’s important to understand that a non-surgical nose job will only hide the problem – not fix it. If you have a hump on your nose, the procedure will not make the hump go away. It will only fill in the area around it. If the patient suffers from functional issues, a non-surgical rhinoplasty will not fix these problems.

How Do I Know What’s Right for Me?

When seeking a cosmetic solution to improve the shape of your nose, it’s good to have more than one option. Having another choice that is less invasive and offers little to no downtime is a positive. The best way to understand which treatment is best for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Slupchynskyj.

He will assess your nose appearance, its functionality, and your desired outcome and give you enough information to make an informed decision.

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