Liquid Facelifts: The Non-Invasive Solution to Aging


No matter how much we want it, not everyone is a candidate for an invasive surgery like the facelift. There’s even those who qualify for the procedure, but still want to avoid the long, painful recovery and the extreme inconveniences sometimes associated with the facelift. With the wide array of facial rejuvenation procedures, the Aesthetic Institute of New York & New Jersey is ready to provide effective, proven alternatives for patients who want another way: the liquid facelift.

What’s a Liquid Facelift?

Liquid facelifts are various safe, medically proven solutions and chemicals that can be injected into the face to offer long-term or temporary rejuvenation. A liquid facelift is fast, simple, and completely pain-free—a potent combination for people seeking another method of restoring their youthful looks.

Fat Grafting

One of the biggest signs of aging is the loss of volume under skin, leading to a skinnier and gaunter appearance. With fat grafting, the patient can restore volume to the face while filling and smoothing out fine lines and creases on the face. What makes it special is that fat grafting uses your own fat stores, so the results look as natural as possible and the procedure is incredibly safe.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are some of the most popular nonsurgical ways to perform skin rejuvenation today. They’re an unbelievably safe way to create volume under the skin while filling out lines and deep creases in the face. Even better is that some dermal fillers have results that can last as long as a few months, while others can last for up to a year.


This ever-popular injectable can smooth out expression lines and deep creases for months after only a minutes-long procedure. It’s considered one of the safest and most effective cosmetic procedures ever—and it’s popularity only continues to grow.


We offer some of the latest solutions and facial rejuvenation technology for our patients: collagen to support facial skin, hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate the skin, polylactic acid to fill lines around the lips and the nose, or Artefill for deep wrinkles. Many of these use the very same materials found in our body that make our skin smooth, young, and firm.

A liquid facelift can completely revamp your look without the pain, risks, or commitments of a surgical procedure. To find which kind of liquid facelift is right for you, contact the Aesthetic Institute of New York & New Jersey now, for a consultation.