Let Your Beauty Bloom This Spring with a Facelift

Now that winter is over and spring is beginning, it’s time for you to embrace growth and renewal. When the sun is shining and air is fresh, you should want to look better than ever. It’s the perfect chance for you to embrace rejuvenation, to turn back time to a more youthful you. So shake off the winter of your years, and this spring, find out how you can finally let your beauty bloom with a facelift.

What Happens in a Facelift?

In the spring, everything in the world just seemed clearer, fresher, and revitalized—and so should you. A facelift is the definitive solution for facial aging. By eliminating excess skin and tightening the underlying connective tissue in the face, a facelift can lift sagging skin and remove the deepest lines and creases. First, some incisions will be created in places where they’re strategically hidden. Once the excess skin has been removed, the skin is re-draped and tightened to give you a smoother, younger look.

What Can a Facelift Do for Me?

With a facelift, you can debut a drastically rejuvenated look that looks as natural as possible. A facelift is perfect for taking care of problem areas like the middle of the face, the lower face, and the neck. A facelift targets the most prominent signs of aging, like deep nasolabial folds, marionette lines, jowls, banding in the neck, sagging skin, and deep lines under the eyes. It’s been said that a facelift can take as much as 10-15 years off your real age.

What Kind of Facelift Should I Get?

Skilled facial plastic surgeons like Dr. Slupchynkskyj of the Aesthetic Institute of New York & New Jersey are known for their alternatives to the traditional facelift. In fact, Dr. Slupchynksyj offers a less invasive option for facial rejuvenation: the SLUPlift™. Using minimal incisions and sutures, the SLUPlift™ targets signs of aging around the lower face and neck while offering a shorter recovery and less trauma. For those of us who are not ready to commit to surgery just yet, there are multiple options for nonsurgical facelifts, like the Thermage radiofrequency treatment, a liquid facelift using injectables, and laser resurfacing treatments.
Like flowers in spring, it’s your time to bloom. To debut your new look by springtime, schedule a consultation with renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Slupchynskyj.