It’s a Family Affair

Depending upon your personal and cultural preferences, your beauty routine and treatments may or may not be something you share with other members of your immediate family. Culture and religion from a variety of traditions dictate the behavior that accompanies the way we take care of ourselves. It may specify acceptable behavior along gender lines and also tell us how much of our routine we are allowed to share with others.

Recently, there have been a few stories making headlines that are breaking these barriers. They highlight a cultural trend in beauty treatments, including those we have considered more extreme in the past like Cosmetic Surgeries, becoming more common place and acceptable. Additionally, they speak of these procedures turning into a “family affair” and cutting across gender lines.

This week, The NY Daily News published a story on twins in Australia who have been undergoing Cosmetic Surgeries, such as Breast Augmentation as a team. In an effort to remain looking exactly alike the twins have had identical Breast Implants, Lip Injections and tattooed Eyebrows. These ladies don’t stop there and in addition to having the same surgeries they also share identical wardrobes, a bed, a job and a salary, a Facebook account and event a boyfriend! They strive to remain identical in every single way!

They tell The NY Daily News that their Breast Implants were originally inspired by the Kardashian look, of course. We are wondering if the Kardashain claim to “family style” publicity is behind this trend in the least.

Also interesting is a recent spin on family surgery that some Plastic Surgeons have witnessed cases where husbands are going under the knife more than their wives. We typically associate anti-aging and weight loss procedures like Facelifts or Abdominoplasty with women, but men are jumping on the bandwagon now too. Additionally, there seems to no longer be any shame or emasculation associated with them undergoing these types of interventions.

Daily Mail Online asks, “Would you let your husband have Plastic Surgery?”. The headline comes as part of a report on more and more middle aged men choosing to undergo cosmetic procedures. They quote psychology experts who attribute this rise in desire by older and married men to go under the knife to the cultural construct of the “metrosexual” and the emergence of icons like David Beckham.

The article however, goes on to talk about how a man’s confidence may soar after a successful surgery (one of the benefits of anyone undergoing a successful Cosmetic Surgery), but how men may cope with this high a bit differently than women. They may be more likely to distance themselves from their committed relationships, start going out all of the time and even strike up affairs and eventually end the marriage. This was the case with a couple that shared their story with Daily Mail Online. Their marriage only survived 14 months after the husband had a successful Otoplasty.

To end on a positive note, CBS 8 in San Diego ran a story of an older couple that underwent Facelift procedures together. They both felt more confident after and it seemed to make their marriage stronger. This headline read: “Couples Who Have Facelifts Together Stay Together?”. We’re guessing, just like everything else it’s on a case-by-case basis or a family-by- family basis.

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