Am I a Good Candidate for Chin and Cheek Augmentation?

Chin-Cheek-ImplantIs your face looking deflated? As the skin ages it loses elasticity and form. Combine this with a loss of facial volume, also common with aging, and the face can begin to look hollow, empty, and deflated. For some patients chin and cheek implants can restore a more youthful facial appearance by reestablishing strong contours and restoring lost volume. Are you a good candidate for cheek and chin augmentation? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Slupchynskyj to discuss your options.

Can I Benefit from Chin or Cheek Implants?

By rebuilding the chin and cheekbones, Dr. Slupchynskyj can restore youthful harmony to the face. Typically we use a silicone implant, customized into the contours needed to fill out the area. The material is soft and spongy and will not break down over time. The implants we use are easily removed or repositioned if needed.

Can chin or cheek implants benefit you? Dr. Slupchynskyj explains below.

  • Chin Implants– “Any patient who wants to improve and strengthen the appearance of the chin and jawline area is a good candidate for the procedure. Patients with a receding small chin, or a chin that sits further back than their lower lip, are excellent candidates. Also, patients with a normal dental bite, but who want to build a prominent chin, can benefit from the surgery.”
  • Cheek Implants– “The ideal candidates for the Cheek Augmentation procedure are patients who are concerned about a flat or sunken appearance in the skin and muscle around the cheekbones. A deficiency in fat stores or soft tissue in the midface area is also a major contributor to a hollowed, skeletal look.”

The Rejuvenating Benefits of Chin or Cheek Augmentation

Cheek and chin augmentation can be performed separately or paired together, depending on your needs. Both procedures can rejuvenate your appearance, restoring the youthful definition that is often lost during facial aging.

Chin augmentation is typically performed on patients with a naturally small chin. These patients can benefit from the procedure well before the signs of aging set in. Chin augmentation can balance the features and create a more harmonious appearance.

Cheek augmentation creates a stronger scaffolding for loose skin. These implants can decrease nasolabial folds, turn up the corners of the mouth, and beautifully frame the nose and eyes.

Can you benefit from chin and cheek implants? Call and schedule your consultation with Dr. Slupchynskyj today.