Getting a Facelift New York

Are you thinking about getting a facelift in NYC?

The general rule of thumb is that the firmer the skin the more attractive. Any skin that is wrinkled and droops can be unsightly, this is especially apparent when it is located on the face. Loosened fat and skin can lead the appearance of jowls to the point where you may be considering getting a jowl lift. The good news in all of this is that there are a variety of facial plastic surgery options available to you in New York City. Depending on what needs to be done, a surgeon can confidently recommend an upper facelift, a mid facelift or a lower facelift. One of these facelift surgery options could bring back your youthful appearance once again.

I’ve heard of them before, but what exactly is a facelift?

As one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures performed in New York City, facelifts tighten the skin that has begun to sag and droop on the face. Any facelift surgery, will be tailored to the individual patient’s needs. The skin can be tightened in specific areas of the face, along with the removal of fat that has migrated to the lower area of the face reducing the appearance of unsightly jowls and replacing it with a youthful more chiseled jawline.

What can be expected from a facelift surgery?

With the number of intricacies and small details that a surgeon must take into account for each individual patient, every surgery is different. If an upper facelift, a mid facelift, or a lower facelift is needed, you can be sure that the procedure will be explained in great detail. With most facelifts and incision is made behind the ears and along the hairline. The amount and length of these incisions will vary greatly between patients, but the general principle is the same.

During this process in order for the patient’s face to retain its natural unique beauty, fat is often moved from the face and neck to more aesthetically pleasing areas, as well as being removed entirely. Any and all incisions will be hidden in the naturally occurring creases in your face. The incisions that are made during the facelift surgery will be closed and any sutures will be removed at a follow up appointment.

What happens after the facelift surgery is finished?

After the surgery, you may be unsure of what you will look like in the mirror. You may even recognise yourself from years in the past as the years have fallen off you once you are fully healed and the swelling has subsided.

What do you do when you get home after a facelift surgery?

Usually, immediately after you get home following a facelift surgery your face will be wrapped in multiple layers of bandages and drainage tube will likely be attached as well. A common sensation for patients that have had a facelift surgery is to feel a tightness in their skin.

What to expect during the recovery period?

Depending on exactly what the facelift surgeon was able to accomplish during the surgery you can expect to have swelling a bruising for three to four days following the procedure. This is completley normal and should not be any cause for alarm. If you notice any changes that concern you during this period, you should contact your doctor immediately, if only for a little peace of mind. Your facelift surgeon will have scheduled a number of follow up appointments so you will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you need to.

Following the instructions of your surgeon is crucial to ensuring that you have a good recovery. You will be instructed as to which medicines to avoid along with any foods that could cause problems. You may be surprised at the list, aspirin and garlic can both thin the blood so make sure you pay close attention on what to steer clear of.

Towards the end of the recovery period, patients are often thrilled and amazed at how well they have healed. They will know exactly where the incisions were made, but will be unable to see them. You will look and feel younger following your facelift procedure. Your doctor will also have advice for long term care as well.