How to Get Fuller Lips Without Injections

Lip-AugmentationWhen it comes to getting fuller lips, lip injectables are the cosmetic industry standard. The procedure increases lip volume by injecting dermal “fillers,” usually a specific type called hyaluronic acid, into your lips. Simple, right?

Unfortunately, lip injections don’t really give all the desired results when it comes to lip enhancement. When people think “beautiful lips,” they have a few characteristics in mind: pouty, with a curvy “m” border at the top and a wide “w” at the bottom. This aesthetic is a little too complex for lip injections to achieve. Thankfully, a new procedure called Lip Augmentation Surgery offers a new way to sculpt your lips without pesky fillers and injectables.

So What Alternatives Are Out There?

Lip enhancement surgery does what lip injections can’t: emphasizes the contours and shape of your lips to maximize fullness. Lip enhancement surgery essentially shortens the space between the nose and the top lip, lifting the lip and exposing a greater surface area. There are a couple of techniques that surgeons use to achieve the perfect pout:

  • Bull horn lift:
    Decreases the space between the nose and lips by using an incision under the base of the nose
  • Gull wing lift:
    Moves the upper lip up using an incision along the top of the lip

Injections Don’t Change the Shape of Your Lips

By lifting the lip, the little “M” at the top of your lip is emphasized, creating a sultrier look. Lip enhancement surgery creates more balanced, complex results that complement your face, while lip injections only artificially increase the volume of the lips.

The aesthetic changes of lip surgery go beyond mere volume and size. Lip injections only push lips out, when they need to push up. Lip enhancement surgery avoids the “duck lips” look.

Lip Enhancement Surgery Reverses Signs of Aging

Aging affects the lips by flattening the little “M” at the top of the lips, but this can be fixed with a lip lift.

By tightening the space between the nose and lip, a lip lift also helps eliminate vertical wrinkles under the nose known as smoker’s lines and frown lines that result from sagging lips.

Injections Are Only Temporary

Lip injections only last for about 6 months, and need constant touch ups. Lip enhancement surgery is permanent, and can be supplemented with injectables to complete the look.

If you decide to choose lip augmentation surgery, then you’re committing to luscious and youthful lips instead of settling for the widespread “duck lips” look. If you want to move beyond the idea that big means beautiful, then contact the Aesthetic Institute of New York and New Jersey for a consultation on lip augmentation surgery.