Fat Grafting for Luscious Lips

Lip augmentation is trending for women who look to optimize their youthful appearance with a celebrity status contour. Although dermal fillers offer luscious lips temporarily, fat grafting is a more permanent solution. Many New Yorkers see either Taylor Swift’s perfect cupid’s bow or Angelina Jole’s succulent pout as a target benchmark to add allure to their facial beauty.

They want to shorten the distance from the upper lip to where their nose starts and have full, plump lips. They tried multiple products like glosses and serums—even those silly attempts like pepper, cinnamon and suction devices—all to no avail. Some have even found their ideal lips through fillers like Juvéderm® but want the results to be permanent. For them, fat grafting may be the optimal solution.

How It Works

Fat grafting provides full lips without injecting foreign substances into your body. We simply extract natural fat tissue from one part of your body and inject it into your lips to increase the volume. This donor fat needs a good blood supply for survival, and stem cells in the regenerative progression will release growth factors which cause a new capillary formation (angiogenesis). This combination of stem cells and fat work together to add lip volume with natural tissue.

This tissue is not only your own but will grow in its new home and become part of your underlying lip tissue permanently.

The Procedure

Fat grafting is an outpatient procedure that we typically perform under local anesthesia. Since we use your fat cells, the body readily accepts them, and complications are minimal. Depending on the severity of your issue, you may require a series of fat grafting sessions to achieve your desired goals.

The treatment lasts from 30 minutes to two hours depending on your unique body and how well it welcomes the graft. Donor sites are the abdomen or thighs, where there is enough fat to harvest. After extraction, a special centrifuge will prepare the fat before the transfer. Next, we inject the fat into your lips at multiple points.


Recovery is minimal with a few steps to follow. There will be some bruising which will subside after one week. There will also be some swelling which should abate after a couple of weeks. Healing will vary from patient to patient, but results should be final within a month.


When you choose the right surgeon, your friends will not notice you had any cosmetic work done, just that something has changed in a good way. If you choose to tell them, they will be amazed at how natural and real your lips look. Fat grafting is a great choice to add fullness to thin lips and for recreating a natural and well-defined border.

If you wish to sculpt and plump your lips with fat grafting, contact The Aesthetic Institute in NYC or New Jersey to schedule a consultation with Dr. Slupchynskyj. He offers a selection of lip enhancement procedures which can be personalized to your specific preferences and needs.