Would You Get Someone a Facelift as a Gift?

Tis the season to rack your brain for gift ideas! The holidays are upon us and the gift buying has commenced. You are probably wondering what to get the important people in your life. You want to get them a gift that will lift their spirits and touch their soul. So a thought crosses your mind…what about a facelift? If you are thinking about gifting the special person in your life with plastic surgery here are some helpful tips to guide you along the way.

Now, you might be asking yourself can I really gift someone a facelift or plastic surgery in general? Do people actually give this as a gift? The answer is yes! This is a popular and growing trend in the United States. According to Allure Magazine, this growing trend has a spike in procedures being performed around this time of year. Also, it doesn’t hurt to gift yourself. Many people give themselves the gift of facelift instead of waiting or asking for someone else to get if for them.

Does the person want plastic surgery? Have they mentioned it before?

In this aspect communication is key! For example with an older couple, if the wife has expressed interest in having a facelift that would be a perfect hint for the husband to take.

It is very important to make sure this is something that a person wants. It also important that they themselves have brought up having a procedure done. It can be very devastating and insulting to a person if they are gifted plastic surgery when they had not thought about it before.

What are the benefits of gifting plastic surgery?

Trends change every year but this gift will last longer. This is a very thought out and heartfelt gift. A facelift is also very personal to the person you are gifting. It is in a sense a customized gift which is also very personable. This is also a gift that is sure to last longer than a sweater or pair of earrings that can easily be lost or damaged.  A facelift is also a gift that can truly make the person receiving it feel one hundred times better about themselves and overall improve their life.

What are some tips for going following this holiday gift route?


Make sure that you and your loved one have discussed this gift a frequent amount. Do not recommend the surgery. This should just be common sense but in case you are missing that piece of education do not forget.


The whole purpose of this individualized gift is so that the person receiving it gets what they want. Do not get them a gift certificate for a procedure they haven’t brought up or that they want. This is their procedure and as the patient, they come first!

Payments and Budgets

So just like everyone else at Christmas a budget is necessary. It is important again to have a discussion with the person you are giving the gift to. You can pay as much or as little as you would like for the procedure. An example could include paying for a consultation or giving money towards a procedure that someone wants. You could also pay for a smaller, minimally invasive procedure. You do not have to cover an entire plastic surgery if you cannot afford it. If you can then more holiday cheer to you. It all depends on your budget and your loved one and what they want.

Why should I give this gift during the holidays?

This is actually the best time of year for a facelift and there are several reasons why.

Recovery Time

The holidays often include plenty of vacation time for someone to recover from surgery. This gives the person plenty of time from work to recover without having to take too much time off work. It also means they can use their gift in a timely manner! The holidays are also during the cooler months meaning a better recovery. A person recovers faster and smoother during the winter months.

Easy Cover-Up

It is very easy to hide a procedure this time of year because of glorious layers. This can allow a person to cover up anything they do not want to be seen with hats, scarves, and sweaters!

The New Year

This type of gift also goes hand in hand with those ever so popular New Year’s Resolutions. This can help your loved one get a jump start on the New Year’s Resolutions of their dreams.

So if you find yourself still on the fence about gifting someone you love a facelift remember these keys. Always, always communicate with this person, do not blindside them with a gift for plastic surgery. Give the person plenty of space and think the time to decide what they want. Make sure you pick a procedure in your budget or decide how much you would like to contribute.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact our office and ask away!