Face Maintenance For Everyone

Marilyn Monroe has said that imperfection is beauty.  However, if there are aspects of your natural appearance that continually make you unhappy you may have considered or already undergone Cosmetic Surgery. What is considered normal maintenance of your facial appearance will vary from one individual to another and can fall along a spectrum that includes everything from cleaning and moisturizing your face daily to non-surgical interventions such as BOTOX® injections or the more invasive, undergoing a full scale Facelift. Below are some face maintenance tips and FAQs that cover something of interest for this entire spectrum.

For Those Of You Who Prefer To Go “Au Naturel”…

A Beauty Routine Tip :  Homemade and all natural masks

Here are two easy homemade masks to nourish the skin day and night:

Morning – mix 2 strawberries, half an apple, pear and orange juice, add some honey to make the mask sticky and apply to the face and neck. Leave on for 5 minutes and then wash the face with chilled water, not warm water. Cool water will stimulate blood flow, which keeps the skin looking young.

Nighttime – dip a cotton ball in a glass of milk and massage it on to the face and neck. Leave on for 20 minutes, until it feels dry and then wash with warm water. This mask will make the skin soft and brighten your complexion the next morning.

Stuck In The Middle Again?

A Beauty Routine Tip : Daily Anti-Aging Creams & Make-Up

Some of the most problematic areas of the face and those that we often need to devote additional care to include: The skin of the eyelids, certain areas of the cheeks, the fold from the nose to the mouth and the neck area.  The daily grind may seem to consistently leave us with less and less time to take care of our face and especially its sensitive problem areas. If you are open to a less natural approach than that which was described above you can seek out make-up and skin care products that can be used regularly to help you maintain ageless beautiful skin, such as Clinique Anti-Gravity cream, which is both affordable and effective. For anti-aging makeup there are products like the newest CC cream by Peter Thomas Roth.

Are You Falling Off The Charts?

For Those Of You Ready For A More Serious Commitment To Looking Younger:  FAQs About Facelift Surgery:

The most common question is what is the right age? And when is it too early or too late for a Facelift? The truth is there are a range of options in Facelifts that suit a range of ages and even lifestyle preferences.  A full scale Traditional Facelift, requiring larger incisions and at least a 2 week recovery period is something that is typically considered by older people with considerable signs of aging.  Dr. Oleh Sluchynskyj has created the SLUPlift™ Mini Facelift, performed under Local Anesthesia and with only two small cuts by each ear and typically 5 days recovery, for younger people, those on the go or those who at any age simply want to avoid the trauma associated with a more invasive procedure.  Under all circumstances, if you are considering a Facelift you must secure a consultation with a Board Certified and experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon for the best results.