How to Ensure Natural Looking BOTOX® Results Every Time

Today, more than at any other time, men and women seek to look their best while retaining their natural beauty. However, with age, it is challenging to maintain an invigorated and youthful skin appearance void of wrinkles and fine lines.

BOTOX® is a neurotoxin which can help smooth over the effects of aging to regain a youthful and natural facial appearance. Often, potential patients are hesitant to have BOTOX® injections because they fear looking overdone. However, thousands of women and men achieve natural-looking, subtle results with BOTOX® daily.

There are practical ways patients seeking aesthetic improvement can attain a youthful facial beauty without experiencing the common fear of looking unnatural:

Research Your Doctor

BOTOX® has become the most widely sought-after cosmetic procedure worldwide. It is also the most popular aesthetic treatment in the NYC and New Jersey area. With this popularity come injectors who lack proper training or certification. Injections offered in beauty salons or living rooms are typically not a good idea. But also, with the advent of “cosmetic spas” without medical oversight, the problems of over injection and unnatural results become more prominent.

The most important step any patient seeking BOTOX® treatment can make is choosing a qualified injector who understands the product and the complexities of facial anatomy. With so many weekend courses and weekend injectors, the choice of a board-certified facial plastic surgeon to administer BOTOX® injections in a medical facility makes more sense than having it done at a party or a storefront spa.

Plastic surgeons understand the details of cosmetic medicine and are equipped to handle any unforeseen complication which may arise. They also provide the best results.

Communicate Your Desired Outcome

Too often, unqualified injectors apply a cookie-cutter approach to BOTOX® treatment. They may know the basics but lack any artistic or medical skill. They treat each facial contour the same, with no variance with their technique. When an overuse of product happens, the overdone look is evident. This error is where BOTOX® does more harm than good and gets a bad name.

Board-certified surgeons understand the concept that less is more. With less product strategically positioned, you’ll get a more aesthetically pleasing facial appearance as a result. Also, any under usage of the product has the easy remedy of adding a touch more to get the desired outcome.

The importance of consultation before BOTOX® injections is critical. This time is spent understanding the specifics of the product and what you can expect from the results. A qualified physician will explain what the product can and cannot do, how BOTOX® works, and what you can expect after treatment. They will also provide information about how to get the most from your BOTOX® injections and what other anti-aging treatments are available to enhance the results.

Schedule a Follow-Up Appointment

BOTOX® results vary from patient to patient. Because of the uniqueness of your facial structure and how your body will react to injections, it is wise to schedule a follow-up visit after your initial BOTOX® treatment. The product will take about a week or so to settle in, so a follow-up visit two weeks after your injections is enough time for your plastic surgeon to evaluate and monitor your results.

Once your results are well established, follow-up visits become less necessary, and you can schedule additional treatment sessions. BOTOX® results last approximately three to four months.

Aware of Other Treatments

Although BOTOX® is the most popular cosmetic treatment on the planet, it does have its limitations. Other cosmetic injectables like Juvéderm® and Restylane® provide excellent results and can work hand in glove with BOTOX®. Also, there are more intensive treatments to consider if the time comes where injections are not enough to achieve your desired results.

When patients choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for BOTOX® or any injectables, they have access to all the benefits aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery provide. With periodic visits, your surgeon can advise on the latest and most advanced procedures available to help you age with grace and beauty.

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