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DIY + De-stress = Beauty Tips You Can’t Miss!

We may have been told by our mothers or grandmothers, that constant or exaggerated facial expressions, including those associated with happiness and laughter can be a source of wrinkles. This type of advice about aging has led women to literally worry about their every move in an effort to remain looking young and beautiful. However, we must always remember that laughter and the appearance of being relaxed or joyful is a source of youthfulness in itself and also makes you stand out in a positive light amongst any crowd.

In honor of this fact, we wanted to bring you some beauty tips that should also help you to feel relaxed and joyful.In most cases they are DIY and all you will need is your two hands or some other easy to find and inexpensive, household items. We’ll begin with a few massaging techniques from a recent Redbook beauty article. All you need are your fingers and as they suggest some Coconut oil. The oil is also good for your skin and wrinkle fighting. We describe our two favorite techniques for you to try at home. First thing is to lay back and close your eyes and then….

1.  Using the pads of your thumbs, draw out from the point right beneath your cheekbones to your temples again and again.

2.  Exert pressure from your forefingers onto the brow bone draw the fingers along the ridge beginning by the top of the nose and ending by the temple. Repeat numerous times.

 The next term you need to remember when thinking of DIY beauty routines that are also relaxing is “oxygen”. You may think it sounds too simple and that you breath by default, however, paying attention to your breath for several minutes each day or when you are feeling stressed out can keep you glowing and possibly even keep you from aging, according to some Buddhists who believe you are born with a certain number of breaths so you don’t want to use them up too quickly! Yoga Journalshares some tips for breathing in a recent article.

1.  Move the belly with the breath.

2.  Keep the upper body still

3.  Create lullabies with your breath pattern. Don’t breathe too hard or too soft, just let it flow and fluctuate like a series of gentle ocean waves.

4.  Lengthen the exhalation.

5.  Pause after each exhalation.

6.  Engage the entire body in the breathing process.

 Last but not least you are what you eat (and what you smell). Eating Well suggests 7 foods to soothe when we drop them into our bellies or nourish our nostrils with their pleasing scents.It’s actually a “sniff” of an apple a day to keep the doctor away, or at least the neurologist. The smell of green apples has been linked to a reduction in headaches. Likewise, the smell of coconut is good for keeping us relaxed. Its unfortunate but true, that “comfort foods” are exactly what we knew them to be and we’ll soothe our stressed out souls easily with carbohydrates and chocolate. However, its not to fear because peppermint is here to work as a natural appetite suppressant if we find our lives leading us to chocolate ice cream too frequently.

We’re interested in hearing any good tips you might have at arm’s length in your home or home remedies you remember from your mother or grandmother as a child. Its never possible to feel too happy or relaxed! So share the love!

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