The Most Desirable Facial Features for Different Ethnicities

ethnicfacialBeauty is in the eye of the beholder; it’s one of the oldest sayings in the world. But it brings up important questions when it comes to facial plastic surgery for different ethnicities: what features do different ethnic groups consider aesthetically pleasing? But more importantly, what do different groups want in terms of facial plastic surgery and facelifts?

No One Perfect Face

There are no sets of features that are considered the standard of attractiveness for all people. The best facelifts are ones that addresses this truth; and the best plastic surgeons understand that a good facelift is all about creating harmony and balance with a person’s facial features. It’s a statement that encompasses a universal philosophy of facial aesthetics, but at the same time affirms a person’s unique features and facial harmony. In the end, there is no one-size-fits-all facelift or facial surgery.

No Celebrity Trends

In my 18 years of experience performing facial plastic surgery on patients on all types of ethnic groups, I’ve noticed that on the whole, patients are more concerned about creating balance and harmony in their facial features than copying a celebrity. Sure, there have been trends of patients seeking improvements influenced by certain celebrities, but it’s incredibly narrow-minded to say that all patients seek certain styles and shapes of noses out of popularity.

We’re All Different

The world of facial cosmetic surgery encompasses diverse groups of people and ethnicities: Caucasians, African-Americans, Hispanics, Middle-Eastern people, Asians and more. The world is diverse, with very diverse notions of beauty. A great plastic surgeon has enough finesse and skill to understand that many people want to reverse signs of aging and improve their features while also retaining their ethnic characteristics.

Meeting Demand

Quite recently, there’s been a significant surge in demand for plastic surgery from people of color, with POC now making up to 25% of all plastic surgery patients. Skilled plastic surgeons are required to meet this new demand; for one thing, patients with darker skin tend to have higher changes of developing excessive scarring after their procedures. A skilled plastic surgeon can however, employ techniques to try and limit any scarring that might appear.

A great plastic surgeon is someone with skill, finesse, and a great understanding of the diverse standards of beauty that exist all across the world. You want a surgeon with extensive experience with different skin types and facial anatomies; we invite you to contact Dr. Slupchynskyj, a world-renowned facial plastic surgeon, for your consultation.