The Most Desirable Facial Features for African-American and Caucasian Female Patients

In a recent article published by The Huffington Postregarding a Facial Plastic Surgeon in London, Dr. Julian De Silva, who apparently tracked over 1,000 patients for the past 10 years, who requested certain characteristics possessed by celebrities worldwide, compiled attributes that comprise the perfect face that women are seeking in Cosmetic Facial Surgery; however, two Fox News Reporters who are both African-American women, indirectly suggested that these features are prominent among Caucasian women and slightly ridiculed Dr. De Silva’s findings.

In my previous 18 years’ experience, preforming Cosmetic Facial Surgery on both Caucasian and Ethnic patients, particularly a large portion of African-American, Hispanic and Asian patients, the trend of patients seeking cosmetic facial feature improvements are somewhat influenced by celebrities, but on the whole, patients are looking to have more balance and harmony in their facial features, rather than emulate other celebrities; therefore, stating that patients seek celebrity looks, is somewhat of a narrow-minded view in an all-encompassing world of Facial Cosmetic Surgery that includes all ethnicities: Caucasians, African-Americans, Hispanics, as well as Asians. The fact of the matter is that most patients who seeks Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery are looking to improve their looks somewhat, and they may use celebrity photos to demonstrate what they may want to look like, but the majority of those patients are not looking to look like celebrities, but rather to improve their facial features and make changes best suited to balance their facial harmony has been described in other aesthetic facial studies that have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

Although it is true that many patients seeking facial cosmetic procedures may provide photos of celebrities to give the Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgeon more information about the results they are seeking, the Fox News Anchors’ criticism does bear some merit in the fact that many patients who I’ve seen in my office are not only Caucasian, but are of other ethnicities, including, African-American, Hispanic, European and Asian. Many of the non-Caucasian ethnicities bring celebrity photos that are not of female Caucasian celebrities. Patients typically seeking to restore some facial harmony typically have realistic expectations regarding results, which are shown to them via computer imaging. Furthermore, it has been well-studied and documented that there are particular facial features which are universally attractive to all ethnicities. There are specific angulations and proportions, as well as divisions of the facial anatomy that appear to be attractive features among all ethnicities, including African-Americans, Hispanics as well as Asians. The conclusion that Dr. De Silva made is flawed, due to the mere fact that over the last 25 years non-Caucasian ethnicities have increased their desire to have facial cosmetic procedures. The celebrities that these patients choose to emulate include African-American, Hispanic and Asian celebrities, not only Caucasian celebrities.