What is Chin Liposuction and what Can it do for Me?

You will probably be familiar with the term liposuction, this refers to the removal of fat from under the skin. It is a tried and tested method and can be used to remove fat from various areas of the body including the chin. A lot of patients will of to have chin liposuction as the chin is a location that is very visible and is usually where people begin to notice that they have put on weight.

The typical liposuction procedure involves the injection of enzymes under the skin followed by the removal of the fat. Chin liposuction in New York City is very popular and as the name suggests, it focuses on the lower portion of the face including the neck and jowls. Chin liposuction will help significantly redefine the chin and also give the appearance of a younger you.

As with all cosmetic surgery, to be a good candidate for chin liposuction procedure the patient must be fully grown and in good health. If you have any chronic illness, it is still worth speaking with the surgeon to see if you are eligible for the surgery. It is very important that during the consultation phase of the operation you are open and honest with the doctor. This is a great opportunity to outline your goals for the procedure and what you hope to achieve.

As the procedure deals with unwanted excess fat under the chin, patients who request this procedure are usually overweight. Speaking with your surgeon is the best and only way to know for sure if you are in good enough health for the procedure. In fact, even patients that are not overweight are often encouraged to lose weight before a procedure.

It is vital that you fully understand exactly what can and cannot be achieved from the chin liposuction procedure. The removal of too much fat in one procedure can be detrimental to the health of the patient. A surgeon will take their time outlining exactly what you can expect from the procedure. It is always recommended that patients try to exercise off as much of the excess weight as they can before the procedure.

To cut down on any risks and to ultimately make to procedure less invasive, a chin liposuction surgeon will often suggest that a series of procedures be done. Each procedure will remove a little bit of fat at a time.

As with any cosmetic surgery, the surgeon will want to make sure that the patient is emotionally stable and wanting the chin liposuction for the right reasons. If you are open and honest when describing your reasons for wanting chin liposuction then the doctor can help you achieve what you want most.

The healing process can be uncomfortable, but definitely worth it. Patients have described the chin liposuction surgery that have received as life changing. The confidence boost alone allows patients to dramatically change a lot of aspects of their lives. Professionally they appear more confident and at ease. They also find themselves much more outgoing in social situations. Opening the door to a great many new opportunities and experiences.

The age of a chin liposuction patient is also a significant factor in assessing their suitability for the procedure. A patient that is too old will have lost some of the elasticity in the skin needed for proper healing. This can all be assessed and many other options and solutions provided by the chin liposuction surgeon. It is their job to ensure that you not only reach your beauty goals, but that the outcome is long lasting. Listening to the specialist and taking advantage of their many years of experience providing patients with the highest standard of care is a great place to start.

The recovery period for a chin liposuction will vary from patient to patient. It is recommended that you have a friend or family member drive you home from the procedure as you will still have some anesthesia in your system. Once you are home, you should probably take a week off work to recover and let the swelling and bruising subside. Your surgeon will recommend that you sleep with your head elevated more than usual. So additional pillows will help a great deal. The purpose of this is to reduce swelling and bruising due to blood pooling in your head.

The first step is to contact your chin liposuction surgeon and request a consultation. Remember to have a clear idea of what your goals are and exactly what you are hoping to achieve once the surgery is over. Also, come armed with a list of questions. This is a great opportunity to learn everything you can about chin liposuction from a trusted source.