Instagram Users Are Employing Wax to Administer DIY Nose Jobs

Fake Nose Job

These videos are awe-inspiring. Been on Instagram for even a second during the past few months? Then you’ve definitely experienced viral videos of women removing their makeup with astonishing before-and-after results via the Discovery page. But these women aren’t just wiping away a little foundation and mascara—they’re literally deconstructing their faces by removing their colored contacts,… Read More »

The Evolving Face of Beauty in America

Facial Beauty in America

The lips are the first thing you notice. No, wait the eyes. Well, not so much the eyes themselves, but the eye region: the plump cheeks, the bold brow, and the plumed lashes equipoised by all that moist, supple skin. Perhaps you see beauty. Perhaps you see chicanery. Perhaps you still crave it. The good… Read More »

In Michigan, Butt Implants Most Googled Plastic Surgery

Plastic-Surgery in the United States

Have you ever thought about getting a Butt Implant? If the answer is no, chances are your neighbor or co-worker has given it serious thought. Based on a new report from analysts at, Butt Implants are on the minds of Internet users across the state — it’s the Plastic Surgery Michigan residents are googling most… Read More »

What Constitutes Good Genes

What does it mean to have “good” genes? You hear it in everyday conversation all the time: “My dad lived until his 90s, I hope I got his genes!” or “I have good genes, I can eat whatever I want and I still stay skinny!” Some recent news articles have even posited that “good genes”… Read More »

Most Popular Plastic Surgery Ranked by State. Google’s Top-Searched Procedures in the U.S.

In 2015, 15.9 million cosmetic procedures were performed across the U.S. As reported by the American Society for Plastic Surgeons, Breast Augmentation was the most popular Plastic Surgery, but what are proclivities ranked by state? The Plastic Surgery Portal compiled information from Google to determine which procedures Americans are most curious about, but might not actually go… Read More »

Facelift Techniques and Types

We begin a brief explanation of various types of Facelifts, the techniques associated with each, as well as any marketing related hype that may need clarification for each consumer to be able to make informed decisions when pursuing Cosmetic Surgery. A.) Traditional Facelift: A Facelift treats sagging skin in the lower third of the face,… Read More »

SLUPlift™ vs. the Traditional Facelift

The Traditional “Facelift” has enabled men and women alike to take ten years off their apparent age by tightening loose skin, and restoring the face’s youthful resilience and contours. While many patients still choose this conventional route, others are more interested in pursuing much less invasive techniques earlier that offer the same benefits, which means… Read More »

Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Men

Say the words “Cosmetic Surgery” and people’s minds usually go directly to women: BOTOX®™, Facelifts, and Breast Augmentation. But, we know from our successful New York Plastic Surgery Practice, men are most certainly embracing the power of surgical advancements to enhance their looks and physique. Just take a look at this list, “The 10 Most Popular Cosmetic… Read More »