DIY + De-stress = Beauty Tips You Can’t Miss!

We may have been told by our mothers or grandmothers, that constant or exaggerated facial expressions, including those associated with happiness and laughter can be a source of wrinkles. This type of advice about aging has led women to literally worry about their every move in an effort to remain looking young and beautiful. However,… Read More »

7 Questions to Ask When Deciding if Cosmetic Surgery is Right for You

It’s easy to jump on the Cosmetic Surgery bandwagon, assuming a quick change here and there is all that is needed to make you feel better, happier, or more content. But, in fact, we have found that the more time patients spend determining whether or not cosmetic procedures are right for them, the more satisfied… Read More »

The Importance of Holistic Health on Cosmetic Surgery Success

While it’s easy to view your body one part at a time, it’s important to remember that each part is intricately connected to the whole. Your holistic health will have a direct impact on the recovery time and the outcome of your upcoming Cosmetic Surgery. Emotional well-being, lifestyle choices and nutrition all play a role in a complication-free procedure,… Read More »