The Most Desirable Facial Features for African-American and Caucasian Female Patients

In a recent article published by The Huffington Post, regarding a Facial Plastic Surgeon in London, Dr. Julian De Silva, who apparently tracked over 1,000 patients for the past 10 years, who requested certain characteristics possessed by celebrities worldwide, compiled attributes that comprise the perfect face that women are seeking in Cosmetic Facial Surgery; however, two Fox… Read More »

CDC Warns Patients About Risks of Plastic Surgery in Dominican Republic

Report recounts cases of U.S. women who developed disfiguring infections after procedures there. U.S. health officials are alerting patients about the perils of “medical tourism” after at least 18 women from the East Coast were infected with a disfiguring bacteria immediately after Plastic Surgery procedures they underwent in the Dominican Republic. According to the report… Read More »

The Correlation Between the Health of the Global Economy and Cosmetic Surgery Revenue

The U.S. is currently the largest market for cosmetic procedures globally. Recently, a report published by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons demonstrated that service profits for Plastic Surgery increase and decrease with economic trends. The journal has analyzed the revenue trends and their possible relationships with numerous economic statistics. According to their analysis, profits from surgical… Read More »

Vanishing Taboos : As More and More Women & Men Choose to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery There is Less and Less to Hide

Since the dawn of the Plastic Surgery industry, Plastic Surgeons have made a business out of literally giving their patients less and less to hide.  Whether it be performing a breast implant operation that made someone feel confident to wear form fitting shirts or a Rhinoplasty that inspired more picture sharing for someone who is… Read More »

Face Maintenance For Everyone

Marilyn Monroe has said that imperfection is beauty.  However, if there are aspects of your natural appearance that continually make you unhappy you may have considered or already undergone Cosmetic Surgery. What is considered normal maintenance of your facial appearance will vary from one individual to another and can fall along a spectrum that includes… Read More »

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

How important is physical attractiveness to success?  Are there areas of our lives where it is more important than others?  These are all legitimate questions, whose answers may help us to explain or at least rationalize some of our past successes and failures. Perhaps we must first define physical attractiveness.  Dr. Slupchynskyj explains that beauty… Read More »

Should Plastic Surgery Be Rated “R”?

We place age restrictions on the ability to view violent or sexual content in movies and on internet sites.  We have made it illegal for those under 18 to drink alcoholic beverages and we would certainly never ask them to serve in the military, we even limit how many hours they can work at summer… Read More »

Plastic Surgery for the Other 47%

We are accustomed to popular culture discussions of beauty standards, such as the pressure to be thin or look young, and in most cases we have also grown accustomed to talk about these standards as they apply to women rather than men. Consequently, we are bombarded with mainstream media talk of celebrities and their beauty… Read More »

Is Teenage Cosmetic Surgery Increasing?

Depending on the sources you read, there are conflicting statements about whether or not teenage Cosmetic Surgery is on the rise. While headlines on major news sources say it is, the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery states that teenage Plastic Surgery procedures are actually on the decline, and their statistics are backed by the American Society of… Read More »