Women More Are Inclined to Fret About Their Jawlines

New York City Jaw Augmentation

Blame social media and the virtual office for the beauty world’s latest worry: the softening jawline. Discover the jaw procedures people are keen to undergo to achieve an Instagram-ready jaw. During a WhatsApp call that Debra Reynolds, a Manhattan Marketing Executive, became aware of her softening jawline. “It was all I could see in the… Read More »

Am I a Good Candidate for Chin and Cheek Augmentation?

Is your face looking deflated? As the skin ages it loses elasticity and form. Combine this with a loss of facial volume, also common with aging, and the face can begin to look hollow, empty, and deflated. For some patients chin and cheek implants can restore a more youthful facial appearance by reestablishing strong contours… Read More »