9 Reasons Why Fall is the Perfect Season for a Facelift

Has the summer social season caused you to realize the skin on your face and neck isn’t what it used to be? We believe that growing older is inevitable, while aging is entirely optional. If you agree, this may be the perfect time to schedule a consultation learn more about how you can enjoy a naturally youthful and beautiful countenance. In the meantime, here are 10 reasons we think fall is the perfect season for a Facelift.

  1. There goes the sun. While saying goodbye to the sunshine may usually seem like a less desirable thing, it’s ideal for those who are interested in cosmetic surgery procedures on the face and/or neck. As you already know, the sun’s rays can damage your skin, and this is especially true as new tissue is trying to grow during the healing process.
  2. The social calendar slows down. After your procedure, your face, and possibly your neck (if you combine your Face Lift with a Neck Lift), will be tender, slightly bruised, and swollen. It’s easier to stay inside for that first couple of weeks while you wait for the inflammation and tenderness to recede.
  3. Just say No! to beaches and pools. How can you stay away from beaches and pools in the summertime? And yet, that’s exactly what you have to do if you get a Facelift. Even a late spring Facelift may mean having to pass up those first few weeks of water season. Your fall Facelift will give you plenty of time to heal before it’s time to hit the chaise lounge again.
  4. In time for the holidays. A September or October Facelift means your incisions will be well on their way to healed, and your swelling will have resolved, by the time the holidays come around. You’ll be able to joyfully show off your new, youthful glow at family functions and year end parties.
  5. Plenty of time before wedding season. Wedding season picks up in the spring and summer. You want to make sure you are completely healed well before the big event so you look spectacular in the photos. This is especially true for mothers and grandmothers of the bride, who want to feel and look their very best as they help to plan and shop for the upcoming nuptial event wardrobe, cake tastings, and all of the other once-in-a-lifetime memory makers!
  6. It’s cooler. The hot summer months may make healing just a bit more uncomfortable.  Perspiration can irritate fresh incisions and sutures. The cooler climate will make you feel more comfortable as you heal.
  7. Harvest time. Did you know the foods you eat can greatly enhance your recovery time? When your body is healing from a surgical procedure, it needs all the fresh, unprocessed nutrients and antioxidants it can get to heal efficiently. Some of the foods associated with an anti-inflammatory diet, such as whole grains, summer and winter squashes, fruits, vegetables and leafy greens are often harvested during the very late summer through the fall.
  8. The kids are back in school. If you still have children in school, or you help out with caring for your grandchildren, you understand the significant decrease in house volume and energy once they’re back in school. A peaceful environment is a better healing environment.
  9. Financing options. If you choose to finance your procedure, you can take advantage of low-monthly payment options available during the special financing period, allowing you more financial flexibility through the holiday season.

If you want to make this fall your Facelift season, contact Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj today!