7 Questions to Ask When Deciding if Cosmetic Surgery is Right for You

It’s easy to jump on the Cosmetic Surgery bandwagon, assuming a quick change here and there is all that is needed to make you feel better, happier, or more content. But, in fact, we have found that the more time patients spend determining whether or not cosmetic procedures are right for them, the more satisfied they are with the results when they decide to move forward.

We spend a good deal of time talking to patients about why they want to have a particular procedure. Sometimes, the answers to our questions cause our patients to take a step back and think for a while before scheduling their appointment because they need to feel 100% confident about their choice. Here are questions you can ask yourself to determine whether or not Cosmetic Surgery is right for you now.

  1. What am I hoping to achieve with this procedure? If the answer to this question is, “I want to be happy,” or “It will make me feel better about myself,” you may want to dig a little deeper. It’s true that how we feel about our physical appearance has a direct reflection on how we feel emotionally, however, beauty really is only skin deep. If you are unhappy in other areas of your life, a cosmetic procedure won’t do anything to alleviate your stress or unhappiness. Make sure your goals are directly related to your physical appearance, and aren’t acting as a shield for something else.
  2. Have I experienced a recent upheaval, change, or stressful experience in my life? Sometimes, in an effort to avoid negative emotions or to give the appearance that “everything is fine,” we turn outside of ourselves for comfort. Cosmetic Surgery, like shopping, eating, drinking, or chronic socializing can serve as a buffer from your real feelings. We recommend that our clients process their life changes emotionally first, and wait a while, before working to change their physical aspects.
  3. Do I lead a healthy lifestyle? Think twice about pursuing Cosmetic Surgery if you do not lead a relatively healthy lifestyle, including eating well, getting regular exercise, and avoiding unhealthy habits such as smoking and excess drinking. Your body needs to be healthy in order to get through the surgical and post-surgical processes. Plus, an unhealthy lifestyle will cause you to age faster, gain weight back, etc., which renders your cosmetic procedures less effective.
  4. Am I doing this for myself? There is only one person who should be asking, requesting, or suggesting Cosmetic Surgery to you – and that is your own inner voice! You should never undergo any cosmetic surgical procedure to make someone else happy, or to fit someone else’s ideal of what is attractive. You are the only person who should have a say in how your body looks.
  5. Who do I want to look like? If a celebrity, a best friend, or any other person is the first example to pops into your head, you should re-think things for a while. Your body is uniquely your own. While a plastic surgeon can perform certain procedures to enhance the body and facial shape you have, they cannot be used to transform your body completely. You can never have a body or face exactly like someone else’s. However, you can have the best version of your own body, and Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj looks forward to assisting you with that transformation.
  6. Do I have realistic expectations about the outcome? Just as we mentioned above, your body comes with its own set of “ideal blueprints” that are unique to you. It has provided you with a skeletal and muscular structure that is already in place. We can’t make your bones and muscles become 30 years younger, and we can’t completely change everything about you. Take the time to look at our Before and After Cosmetic Surgery Pictures during your consultation so you can gain a realistic vision of how your face and body will be different, and how some aspects will remain the same.
  7. Am I trying to save a relationship? Every once in a while, we have patients who consult with us because they are about to lose someone they love, and are desperate to improve their exterior appearance in the hopes that it will save the relationship. This is the wrong reason to make permanent changes to your physical self. You should only move forward with Cosmetic Surgery if and when you are sure, you are ready to make changes for your own benefit.

Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj prioritizes the health and well-being of his patients. He is only interested in performing Cosmetic Surgery on patients who look in the mirror and see concrete physical aspects of themselves that they would like to change. Your emotional and physical well being are intrinsically connected and we hope that our services will work to integrate both.