If somebody says they can remove all your wrinkles in seconds and give you young and radiant skin just with the help of an invisible film, which will be painted to the skin, would you do it?  It might sound like a miracle or a dream come true, but Scientists at both M.I.T and Harvard really discovered a treatment that can make that a reality.

In the journal Nature Materials, the researchers revealed the details about the composition of “Second Skin”, which contains commonly used chemicals. These chemicals are safe and meet the guidelines of the Food & Drug Administration. No allergies or irritation were reported after treatment with the “Second Skin”.

The transparent film can be soaked in sunscreen and consequently is used to protect the skin from the sun. It’s also shown to help treat diseases like Eczema, Psoriasis, dark circles, and more, as it soothes and moistens the skin. It’s known to address skin laxity that develops with aging.

The chemicals used in the film are siloxanes; one atom of oxygen combined with two atoms of silicon, which together form polymers and making a chain of repeating units. This treatment has two steps; during the first step, the polymers create a transparent liquid, which is applied on the skin. Then in the second step, the product film is applied, which will link the transparent liquid with the film. Depending on the skin, some sections may require more than others. For instance, skin texture is different under the eyes than it is on the cheeks.

This research was performed by the team at Living Proof, a privately owned small biotechnology company in Cambridge, Ma. They have converted this brilliant science into a beauty product developed by Olivo Laboratories, another privately owned small company in Cambridge. 170 volunteers participated the study with with great results and the most dramatic being the restoration of skin elasticity.

On Monday, May, 9th  2016, this report was given by the Research team and it is the first test of this product. They are working to get more data to submit to the Food and Drug Administration, so that they will receive approval to market it in the coming months.

The Professor in Biomedical Engineering at Columbia, who is not in the research team told Professor Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, “I think it is brilliant; what they have done is design a clever biomaterial that recapitulates the properties of young and healthy skin. They can use it as sort of a Band-Aid over old and aging skin and get very significant results.”

What are your thoughts on the second miracle skin? Would you do it?