Very Talented Surgeon

Dr. S. is a very talented surgeon and I feel fortunate to have found him. There are hardly noticeable fine lines in the ear area after three weeks and they will fade more, I am sure. I feel so much better about myself and I love the compliments. When a person feels better about herself, she has more confidence and subsequently is more outgoing and personable. Thank you, Dr. S.

—C. G., Endicott, NY

A Very Easy Experience

I decided to make a change because everyone was asking me if I felt okay. They said I looked very tired and I was not tired and I was feeling good. So I knew something was wrong. I’m very happy that I decided to have something done and I found that it was a very easy experience. All the personnel working for the Doctor were very kind and considerate and I especially remember one of the girls ordering me a cup of soup along with her lunch order before she let me leave the office after my procedure. It gave me the lift I needed on that very cold day. Two weeks later I went on vacation and no one was aware that I had something done. They just said that I looked great.

Painless, Seamless and Convenient

I decided to have the SLUPlift procedure two years ago when I noticed that my jowls were mirroring those of a Bassett Hound, loose and hanging.

The SLUPlift™ experience was painless, seamless, convenient and offered immediate, visible results. In 60-90 minutes the jowels were gone. It was a wonderful experience! And I continue to be thrilled with the results!

I continue to have co-workers and friends approach me to ask, ‘What cream do I use on my face’ or, ‘What corrective wrinkle product do I buy?’ The secret is not in the cream or the wrinkle product-it’s the SLUPlift™!

—N. M., New Providence, NJ

Thrilled With The Results

I had Plastic Surgery with Dr. Slupchynskyj (Dr. S.), on June ’09, and I am thrilled with the results. He worked on my lower face and jaw. My recovery was speedy, and today the area of my neck and jaw look like it did 15 years ago. I choose Dr. S. because I was very impressed with the surgery he performed on my best friend. She had her eye lids done by him and the job looks great. In addition, my friend’s husband is a doctor and he admires Dr. S.’s Plastic Surgery work. I am so happy with his ability as a surgeon that I have scheduled my 16-year-old-daughter to get Rhinoplasty with him.

—I. G., Kinnelon, NJ

Professional and Caring

I was referred to Dr. Slupchynskyj through two separate women who had had the SLUPlift and were very happy with their outcomes. I saw them first hand and could see why they were happy. They looked younger and fresher without looking pulled and fake. I booked an appointment and from the first meeting, I was happy. I felt respected, my needs were considered and my many questions were answered. I scheduled my appointment and went ahead with the procedure. I was back at work within days and found my follow-up care with the doctor extraordinarily professional and caring. I called with a concern and he got right back to me and answered my questions. I am very very happy with the result and would recommend his work enthusiastically.

—M. S., Morganville, NJ

There is No One Else I Would Trust

I think BOTOX® is an amazing rejuvenation for anti-aging, but there is definitely an art to injecting it. Dr. Slupchynskyj’s skill is not only making you look natural (no deer in headlights effect) but he is able to actually lift the brow area by a technique that few doctors are able to do. I’ve also had restylane under my eyes which has completely filled in the hollows. There is no one else I would trust to do any of these procedures.

—W. K., New York, NY

Exuberant and Alive

Also, the other big factor that separated Dr. S. from other surgeons was that he was never pushy. He told you straight out what he believed you needed and let you take it from there. There was never any pressure to do the work. It has only been a week since my procedure and I already feel exuberant and alive like I did 20 years ago. I feel like I can do anything thanks to Dr. S. I can go on and on about this wonderful doctor but the only advice that I can give you is to go in for a consultation. After you walk out of his office, you will experience feelings that words can’t describe. You have nothing to lose.

—C. C., Hewitt, NJ

Amazing! Truly amazing.

Amazing! Truly amazing. I love it. Again, totally unbelievably fantastic results. I know a few friends that want to have it done as well and Dr. S. is definitely the man to do it.

—R. V., New York, NY

Great African-American Rhinoplasty Surgeon!

As a 74 year old African-American woman, I was apprehensive regarding the SLUPlift™ Surgery. In the past, when I discussed Plastic Surgery with family and friends they spoke negatively about the surgery. Eventually I decided it was something I wanted to do for myself. I found Dr. Slupchynskyj while surfing the Internet and reviewing several of his before and after photos. After meeting the Dr. he assured me that I would be OK — and he was correct.