Botox Facelift for Platysmal Banding

Platysmal banding can cause unwanted necklines and Turkey Neck appearance that may be unattractive for some individuals. There is a subset of patients that can benefit from Botox Injections into the platysma muscle to eliminate unwanted lines and banding in the neck.

Appropriately placed Botox injections in the platysma can tighten platysmal banding, creating a “Botox Facelift”.  Although the results are temporary, usually lasting 3 to 4 months, this can be a nice alternative to a Facelift for the right patient.

Tips when considering a Botox Facelift for Platysmal Banding:

1.) Patient should have visible platysmal banding with little or no fat or droopy skin under the neck.

2.) Botox injections should be placed in the right anatomic location for best result.

3.) Botox concentration should be at least 25 units or higher.

4.) Patients may need touch-up Botox a week after injection.

5.) Patients should have reasonable expectations about the outcome and longevity of results.

Botox Facelift Platysmal Banding
Botox Neck Band Treatment Manhattan

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