Mini Facelifts – A great option for facial surgery in New York City

Out of all of the facelift surgical options that mini facelift produces some fantastic age reducing results while remaining significantly less invasive than other procedures. Both men and women often choose to have a mini face lift as the results will last a great deal longer than facial fillers and silicone injections. Another bonus to getting a mini facelift in New York City, is that the recovery time is a lot less. This makes mini facelifts an ideal option for those who have busy work schedules and an even busier social calendar.

What exactly is a mini facelift? Why should I get one?

If you are considering facial fillers such as silicone injections then asking your cosmetic surgeon to outline what a mini facelift procedure could do for you is a great option. The outcome of a mini facelift will be significantly greater than what can be achieved with fillers. A mini facelift has the power to take years off your face without any of the hassle incurred by more invasive procedures. Depending on what you hope to get out of a cosmetic procedure and the unique build of your facial structure mini facelifts could be a great option. Your surgeon will be able to advise if this is the correct option to help reach your own personal beauty goals.

So, what is the difference between a mini facelift and a regular facelift?

The mini facelift procedure has very similar goals to that of a regular facelift, to tighten the skin of the face and give a smoother, younger appearance. Local anesthesia is often used for this procedure, as the cosmetic surgeon will me making small incisions that will not be too uncomfortable. With a regular facelift, the incision is much larger and while the changes to your appearance will be much more significant, the recovery time will also be significantly longer. For a lot of patients who are desiring a smaller series of touch ups, mini facelifts provide the perfect balance of an improved, younger look with a relatively non-invasive procedure.

How soon after the procedure will I see the benefits?

Mini Facelifts

Usually, after the procedure you will notice the results instantly. The results will only continue to improve as the days go on, as the swelling will need to subside.

What do I need to do before the procedure to get ready?

There are some medications that you should not take in the weeks before any surgery, a facelift is no different. Your cosmetic surgeon will be able to provide you with a comprehensive list of what to avoid. Be warned, there are some seemingly harmless medications on the list such as aspirin, so be sure to pay very close attention to everything the facelift specialist says. Also, smoking is a big no, no for patients before a cosmetic procedure. Your surgeon will make a point of telling you this. Failure to stop smoking ahead of the surgery and during recovery can lead to complications and ultimately a less than optimal outcome.

What actually happens during a mini facelift procedure?

The facelift specialist will be working on the skin and muscles of your face, the focus of the procedure is to tighten the facial muscles and reposition the skin. The neck will also be worked on slightly, but the main focus of a mini facelift remains focused on the muscles and skin of the face.

Will the mini facelift take a long time? How long can I expect to be under anesthetic?

This is entirely dependent on exactly what you have discussed with the cosmetic surgeon, mini facelift procedures will often take a few hours to complete.

Is a mini facelift and inpatient procedure?

Thankfully, no. You will be able to go home the same day that you have the mini facelift procedure. It is of course recommended that you do not drive for 24 hours after the procedure. Having a family member or friend drive you home is the best option.

Is there a long recovery period.

The big improvement will be noticeable straight away. The swelling will subside relatively quickly. Most patients will not return to work and their regular schedules for at least one week after the mini facelift procedure.

Do the effects of a mini facelift last a long time? Is there anything I can do to help?

Staying out of direct sunlight can really help. Also a proper skin care regimen recommended by the surgeon can really help out as well. The new youthful appearance you are now enjoying every time you look in the mirror will continue for years to come.

The first step to identifying if a mini facelift is for you is to discuss the surgery with a facelift specialist. They will be able to tell you if your goals match up with the mini facelift procedure capabilities.

The difference between an endoscopic facelift and traditional facelifts

While it is impossible to stop the aging process in its tracks, facelifts can help to slow it down and provide patients with an instantly more youthful appearance. Traditional facelifts will help to reduce the look of sagging skin that is a result of many years of muscle fatigue and fat tissue migration. Endoscopic facelifts are more recent addition to the tools and procedures that plastic surgeons have at their disposal. Depending on the particular needs and facial structure of a patient, a traditional facelift might still be the best option. However, many patients are now seeing great results from the endoscopic procedure.

What areas of the face do the two methods target?

This is probably the biggest difference between the two facelift surgery options. Traditional facelifts will generally target the lower portion of the face to help promote neck jowl lift, as well as improving the appearance of the cheeks and chin. These are the areas that a lot of patients that are hoping to have a facelift surgery want to see corrected. An endoscopic facelift surgery will give the surgeon the ability to work on more areas of the face than a traditional facelift. This can allow for a mid face lift surgery and the area between the eyebrows. This greater flexibility in this method of facelift surgery has proven very successful.

Endoscopic facelifts use smaller incisions.

Endoscopic facelifts

In addition to the areas of the face that the two procedures can reach effectively, another advantage of the endoscopic method is that the facelift surgery requires smaller and fewer incisions than the traditional method. The incisions only need to be large enough for the surgeon to be able to thread

What is the recovery period for both the endoscopic facelift and traditional facelift

Recovery is a very important part of any plastic surgery. The patient will have to pay close attention to the instructions provided by the plastic surgery and their team. In order to see the best possible results from any cosmetic procedure strict adherence to the guidelines is crucial. The endoscopic facelift is considerably less invasive than a traditional facelift surgery, however, this does not mean that the recovery period is any less important. One to two weeks off work is advised so that you can fully recover from the procedure. Heavy physical activity should be avoided until the swelling has fully subsided.

There are a few other considerations to bear in mud during the recovery period as well. For example, if you regularly colour your hair, you should consider waiting a few weeks after the surgery before doing this again. For men, shaving should be avoided for a week or two after the facelift surgery is performed as well.

What makes someone eligible for a facelift?

A facelift will help combat the signs of aging, so really anyone who wants to take years of their appearance is potentially a good candidate. Generally speaking endoscopic facelifts are for those patients who have the earlier signs of aging. Whereas traditional facelifts can combat more advanced signs of aging. The first step is to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon in New York City to see what your options are and how the procedure can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

If you are on any medications or have any chronic health problems a surgeon will need to know about them and they will be able to highlight any areas of concern. One of the biggest things that a patient has control over that can have a negative impact on their candidacy is smoking. Smoking constricts the blood flow and can cause complications during the healing process. The majority of surgeons will want patients to have stopped smoking in the weeks prior and weeks after the surgery. Smoking also causes premature aging of the skin, so if you are hoping to look younger and stay looking younger, quitting entirely might be the best option anyway. There is also a lot of seemingly innocuous medications that need to be avoided ahead of the surgery such as aspirin and any other blood thinners. Your surgeon will be able to supply you with a list of medications to avoid in the weeks leading up to your facelift surgery.

Getting a Facelift New York

Are you thinking about getting a facelift in NYC?

The general rule of thumb is that the firmer the skin the more attractive. Any skin that is wrinkled and droops can be unsightly, this is especially apparent when it is located on the face. Loosened fat and skin can lead the appearance of jowls to the point where you may be considering getting a jowl lift. The good news in all of this is that there are a variety of facial plastic surgery options available to you in New York City. Depending on what needs to be done, a surgeon can confidently recommend an upper facelift, a mid facelift or a lower facelift. One of these facelift surgery options could bring back your youthful appearance once again.

I’ve heard of them before, but what exactly is a facelift?

As one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures performed in New York City, facelifts tighten the skin that has begun to sag and droop on the face. Any facelift surgery, will be tailored to the individual patient’s needs. The skin can be tightened in specific areas of the face, along with the removal of fat that has migrated to the lower area of the face reducing the appearance of unsightly jowls and replacing it with a youthful more chiseled jawline.

What can be expected from a facelift surgery?


With the number of intricacies and small details that a surgeon must take into account for each individual patient, every surgery is different. If an upper facelift, a mid facelift, or a lower facelift is needed, you can be sure that the procedure will be explained in great detail. With most facelifts and incision is made behind the ears and along the hairline. The amount and length of these incisions will vary greatly between patients, but the general principle is the same.

During this process in order for the patient’s face to retain its natural unique beauty, fat is often moved from the face and neck to more aesthetically pleasing areas, as well as being removed entirely. Any and all incisions will be hidden in the naturally occurring creases in your face. The incisions that are made during the facelift surgery will be closed and any sutures will be removed at a follow up appointment.

What happens after the facelift surgery is finished?

After the surgery, you may be unsure of what you will look like in the mirror. You may even recognise yourself from years in the past as the years have fallen off you once you are fully healed and the swelling has subsided.

What do you do when you get home after a facelift surgery?

Usually, immediately after you get home following a facelift surgery your face will be wrapped in multiple layers of bandages and drainage tube will likely be attached as well. A common sensation for patients that have had a facelift surgery is to feel a tightness in their skin.

What to expect during the recovery period?

Depending on exactly what the facelift surgeon was able to accomplish during the surgery you can expect to have swelling a bruising for three to four days following the procedure. This is completley normal and should not be any cause for alarm. If you notice any changes that concern you during this period, you should contact your doctor immediately, if only for a little peace of mind. Your facelift surgeon will have scheduled a number of follow up appointments so you will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you need to.

Following the instructions of your surgeon is crucial to ensuring that you have a good recovery. You will be instructed as to which medicines to avoid along with any foods that could cause problems. You may be surprised at the list, aspirin and garlic can both thin the blood so make sure you pay close attention on what to steer clear of.

Towards the end of the recovery period, patients are often thrilled and amazed at how well they have healed. They will know exactly where the incisions were made, but will be unable to see them. You will look and feel younger following your facelift procedure. Your doctor will also have advice for long term care as well.

Does the Non-Surgical Facelift Exist? Facial Cosmetic Surgeons Demystify Myths Regarding Non-Surgical Facelifts

The Lunchtime Lift … Facelift in a Bottle…Liquid Facelift …Minimally Invasive Facelift… There is a myriad of names for devices, creams, and procedures that profess to be feasible alternatives to Traditional Facelifts. But how do these quick fixes really stack up against the effects of a Facelift?

“A Facelift is a surgical procedure, and by definition, there is no such thing as a Non-Surgical Facelift,” says President of American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. “There is a role for many of the techniques and procedures out there, but they should not be considered substitutes for a Facelift.”

Based on recent statistics from the AAFPRS, Facelifts were the second most common surgical procedure last year, right behind Rhinoplasty.

Facial aging or the aging face involves skin changes such as wrinkles, brown spots and sun damage; dynamic lines from overactive muscles; loss of volume such as hollow cheeks and temples; the loss of elasticity and the pull of gravity that cause skin to sag. “Most of these so-called Non-Surgical Facelift alternatives may target one or two of the signs of facial aging, whereas a Facelift hits all or most of them,” remarks President of American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.


Whether soft tissue fillers, fat or Botox®, injectables can help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and increase volume to sunken areas of the face. The result? A younger, more revitalized appearance. “This is not a Facelift, but can be very effective at reducing some of the signs of aging on the face,” says President-elect, AAFPRS. “There is also minimal downtime with injectables so you can get back to your life right away, but these treatments will need to repeated about every four to nine months to maintain the results.”

Skin Tightening

Devices that employ radiofrequency (RF) energy can help enhance the body’s natural collagen production. Collagen is the protein that gives your skin the structure and support associated with youth, but it diminishes as individuals age. “RF devices stimulate collagen production to firm skin,” says President-elect, AAFPRS. “Ultrasound waves can also give your collagen supply a turbo boost.” They won’t replicate the results of a Facelift, but they can help improve skin quality, tone and texture for people who are not ready to undergo Facelift Surgery. “It’s a tradeoff because the results are not as dramatic as a Facelift, but the downtime and cost associated are much less,” he notes.

Fat Reduction

As we age, fat tends to redistribute throughout the face and neck. For instance, you lose fat where you need it most, such as the cheeks, and gain fat in places where you might not want it, such as the jowls and neck. Facial Plastic Surgeons can provide various choices to remove unwanted fat, such as Liposuction, fat destruction via radiofrequency, Cryolipolysis and Ultrasound. “Liposuction can get rid of double chin or a dreaded Turkey Neck and for some people, that may be enough to make a meaningful difference in their appearance,” says President of American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Lasers and Lights

Today’s lasers and light-based energy systems can help treat the skin changes related to aging and many can also help stimulate collagen production. “Laser skin resurfacing offers a host of benefits for the aging face and may buy you some time, but even lasers will not replace the visible results of a Surgical Facelift,” says President-elect, AAFPRS. The deeper ablative resurfacing lasers do require a break between treatments, whereas non-ablative treatments may be repeated at intervals to maintain the skin rejuvenating effects.

It’s a Family Affair

Depending upon your personal and cultural preferences, your beauty routine and treatments may or may not be something you share with other members of your immediate family. Culture and religion from a variety of traditions dictate the behavior that accompanies the way we take care of ourselves. It may specify acceptable behavior along gender lines and also tell us how much of our routine we are allowed to share with others.

Recently, there have been a few stories making headlines that are breaking these barriers. They highlight a cultural trend in beauty treatments, including those we have considered more extreme in the past like Cosmetic Surgeries, becoming more common place and acceptable. Additionally, they speak of these procedures turning into a “family affair” and cutting across gender lines.

This week, The NY Daily News published a story on twins in Australia who have been undergoing Cosmetic Surgeries, such as Breast Augmentation as a team. In an effort to remain looking exactly alike the twins have had identical Breast Implants, Lip Injections and tattooed Eyebrows. These ladies don’t stop there and in addition to having the same surgeries they also share identical wardrobes, a bed, a job and a salary, a Facebook account and event a boyfriend! They strive to remain identical in every single way!

They tell The NY Daily News that their Breast Implants were originally inspired by the Kardashian look, of course. We are wondering if the Kardashain claim to “family style” publicity is behind this trend in the least.

Also interesting is a recent spin on family surgery that some Plastic Surgeons have witnessed cases where husbands are going under the knife more than their wives. We typically associate anti-aging and weight loss procedures like Facelifts or Abdominoplasty with women, but men are jumping on the bandwagon now too. Additionally, there seems to no longer be any shame or emasculation associated with them undergoing these types of interventions.

Daily Mail Online asks, “Would you let your husband have Plastic Surgery?”. The headline comes as part of a report on more and more middle aged men choosing to undergo cosmetic procedures. They quote psychology experts who attribute this rise in desire by older and married men to go under the knife to the cultural construct of the “metrosexual” and the emergence of icons like David Beckham.

The article however, goes on to talk about how a man’s confidence may soar after a successful surgery (one of the benefits of anyone undergoing a successful Cosmetic Surgery), but how men may cope with this high a bit differently than women. They may be more likely to distance themselves from their committed relationships, start going out all of the time and even strike up affairs and eventually end the marriage. This was the case with a couple that shared their story with Daily Mail Online. Their marriage only survived 14 months after the husband had a successful Otoplasty.

To end on a positive note, CBS 8 in San Diego ran a story of an older couple that underwent Facelift procedures together. They both felt more confident after and it seemed to make their marriage stronger. This headline read: “Couples Who Have Facelifts Together Stay Together?”. We’re guessing, just like everything else it’s on a case-by-case basis or a family-by- family basis.

If you are seeking more information regarding a facelift, either alone or with your spouse or significant other, The Aesthetic Institute of New York & New Jersey would love to see you for a consultation. Reach out to us for the most cutting edge treatment in the mecca of beauty itself, New York City.


Spring Forward to What’s Hot

Now that it’s officially spring, we bring you the top beauty and fashion trends for making a real splash into the warmer weather. Now that you’ve shed those winter layers, it’s time to unveil something truly amazing to the world.

First we consulted Allure Magazine for the colors to help you “face” the world like a true fashionista:

● Its spring, not Halloween but you still might like to experiment with orange lipstick. Although it’s been trendy for a while, this year’s orange is more explosive. Try an orange with a neon glow. They say it’s hard to stand out on in a place like NYC, but this could be a street-stopper.

● Asking men to look into your “deep blue eyes” will now be easier than ever regardless of your natural features. Cobalt is the color of “cool” this spring when choosing an eye shadow. Lighter shades got ditched for the darker, “diva blue” hues.

● The word is out there was a major break-up. Black liners got bounced and were replaced by a subtle upgrade to navy blue. Step out on a limb and secure something new to frame your magnificent “windows” to your summer soul.

● Although you may have been looking forward to traditional “beachy” colors for your nails and open toed shoes try something “winter retro” this spring. Chocolate tastes good anytime of the year and now it looks great on your nails after a mani pedi, year round as well.

Now what’s “Prêt-à-Porter” from your shopping bags to your first outdoor cocktail? It’s going to be street side dining time soon and we want to help you make the avenues your runway. Elle Magazine recommends a few must-haves:

● Logo your way to cafe seating arrangements this spring. Don’t be afraid to show the world just whose stores you’re shopping in. Anything that displays your favorite designer’s initials with pride will be the best in show.

● If logos are too much for your understated taste, don’t worry because opposites always attract. Minimalism is also heating up like the temperatures. Basic, one shade bags and trousers and classic gold link jewelry will also satisfy any audience’s craving for the latest in style.

● For the men its metro but for the ladies its 80s retro, at least that is when it comes to their shoe fetish. 1980s style, low heeled pumps are back for a spring flash.

● It’s NYC not Cali, however, “casual chic” may hit east coast boardrooms as well this spring. Try some surf inspired, but career ready board shorts. Show off those legs in  unique, bi-coastal fashion.

● If Cali isn’t far enough, pull a piece from even farther away. Traverse the concrete jungle in tribal inspired dresses with fringe and more street stopping orange to match your lips. Let your wardrobe take you far, far away from blending into boring NYC, black and gray favorites.

In addition to your beauty and fashion routine, occasionally people like to prepare for summer “stepping out” in other ways as well. Minimally invasive interventions like Botox®™ or dermal filler injections may also be nice additions to your vacation checklist. If you’ve been considering surgical options like a Facelift or Eye Lift, now would be the best time to schedule your surgery so you’re healed in time for friends’ seaside parties on the beaches of the Hamptons or New Jersey. The Aesthetic Institute of New York & New Jersey has immediate consultations available.


Face Maintenance For Everyone

Marilyn Monroe has said that imperfection is beauty.  However, if there are aspects of your natural appearance that continually make you unhappy you may have considered or already undergone Cosmetic Surgery. What is considered normal maintenance of your facial appearance will vary from one individual to another and can fall along a spectrum that includes everything from cleaning and moisturizing your face daily to non-surgical interventions such as Botox injections or the more invasive, undergoing a full scale Facelift. Below are some face maintenance tips and FAQs that cover something of interest for this entire spectrum.

For Those Of You Who Prefer To Go “Au Naturel”…

A Beauty Routine Tip :  Homemade and all natural masks

Here are two easy homemade masks to nourish the skin day and night:

Morning – mix 2 strawberries, half an apple, pear and orange juice, add some honey to make the mask sticky and apply to the face and neck. Leave on for 5 minutes and then wash the face with chilled water, not warm water. Cool water will stimulate blood flow, which keeps the skin looking young.

Nighttime – dip a cotton ball in a glass of milk and massage it on to the face and neck. Leave on for 20 minutes, until it feels dry and then wash with warm water. This mask will make the skin soft and brighten your complexion the next morning.

Stuck In The Middle Again?

A Beauty Routine Tip : Daily Anti-Aging Creams & Make-Up

Some of the most problematic areas of the face and those that we often need to devote additional care to include: The skin of the eyelids, certain areas of the cheeks, the fold from the nose to the mouth and the neck area.  The daily grind may seem to consistently leave us with less and less time to take care of our face and especially its sensitive problem areas. If you are open to a less natural approach than that which was described above you can seek out make-up and skin care products that can be used regularly to help you maintain ageless beautiful skin, such as Clinique Anti-Gravity cream, which is both affordable and effective. For anti-aging makeup there are products like the newest CC cream by Peter Thomas Roth.

Are You Falling Off The Charts?

For Those Of You Ready For A More Serious Commitment To Looking Younger:  FAQs About Facelift Surgery:

The most common question is what is the right age? And when is it too early or too late for a Facelift? The truth is there are a range of options in Facelifts that suit a range of ages and even lifestyle preferences.  A full scale Traditional Facelift, requiring larger incisions and at least a 2 week recovery period is something that is typically considered by older people with considerable signs of aging.  Dr. Oleh Sluchynskyj has created the SLUPlift™ Mini Facelift, performed under Local Anesthesia and with only two small cuts by each ear and typically 5 days recovery, for younger people, those on the go or those who at any age simply want to avoid the trauma associated with a more invasive procedure.  Under all circumstances, if you are considering a Facelift you must secure a consultation with a Board Certified and experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon for the best results.

9 Reasons Why Fall is the Perfect Season for a Facelift

Has the summer social season caused you to realize the skin on your face and neck isn’t what it used to be? We believe that growing older is inevitable, while aging is entirely optional. If you agree, this may be the perfect time to schedule a consultation and learn more about how you can enjoy a naturally youthful and beautiful countenance. In the meantime, here are 10 reasons we think fall is the perfect season for a Facelift.

  1. There goes the sun. While saying goodbye to the sunshine may usually seem like a less desirable thing, it’s ideal for those who are interested in cosmetic surgery procedures on the face and/or neck. As you already know, the sun’s rays can damage your skin, and this is especially true as new tissue is trying to grow during the healing process.  
  2. The social calendar slows down. After your procedure, your face, and possibly your neck (if you combine your Face Lift with a Neck Lift), will be tender, slightly bruised, and swollen. It’s easier to stay inside for that first couple of weeks while you wait for the inflammation and tenderness to recede.
  3. Just say No! to beaches and pools. How can you stay away from beaches and pools in the summertime? And yet, that’s exactly what you have to do if you get a Facelift. Even a late spring Facelift may mean having to pass up those first few weeks of water season. Your fall Facelift will give you plenty of time to heal before it’s time to hit the chaise lounge again.
  4. In time for the holidays. A September or October Facelift means your incisions will be well on their way to healed, and your swelling will have resolved, by the time the holidays come around. You’ll be able to joyfully show off your new, youthful glow at family functions and year end parties.
  5. Plenty of time before wedding season. Wedding season picks up in the spring and summer. You want to make sure you are completely healed well before the big event so you look spectacular in the photos. This is especially true for mothers and grandmothers of the bride, who want to feel and look their very best as they help to plan and shop for the upcoming nuptial event wardrobe, cake tastings, and all of the other once-in-a-lifetime memory makers!
  6. It’s cooler. The hot summer months may make healing just a bit more uncomfortable.  Perspiration can irritate fresh incisions and sutures. The cooler climate will make you feel more comfortable as you heal.
  7. Harvest time. Did you know the foods you eat can greatly enhance your recovery time? When your body is healing from a surgical procedure, it needs all the fresh, unprocessed nutrients and antioxidants it can get to heal efficiently. Some of the foods associated with an anti-inflammatory diet, such as whole grains, summer and winter squashes, fruits, vegetables and leafy greens are often harvested during the very late summer through the fall. 
  8. The kids are back in school. If you still have children in school, or you help out with caring for your grandchildren, you understand the significant decrease in house volume and energy once they’re back in school. A peaceful environment is a better healing environment.
  9. Financing options. If you choose to finance your procedure, you can take advantage of low-monthly payment options available during the special financing period, allowing you more financial flexibility through the holiday season.

If you want to make this fall your Facelift season, contact Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj today!

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