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Here are Some Great Websites for Women of Color Who Love Beauty & Fashion…


Do drop what you’re doing and check out Doobop. With the tagline, “A Unique Voice In Beauty”, the site is providing beauty products specifically for darker skinned women and also women with textured hair.

A few things distinguishing the site from what’s out there now, include how carefully it has been curated to assure a wide variety of extremely, high-end brands. The skin care lines include celebrity favorites like Caudalie and RMS, haircare by Andre Walker, as well as Sachajuan and make-up from Becca and Damone Roberts, Iman, and Fashion Fair.

The site is the brainchild of a former L’Oreal marketing executive, and its intent is to make women from diverse backgrounds feel welcome to be involved in beauty products and their purchase at a grand level. One quote from the Refinery 29, write-up regarding the on-line store stated, “We’re no longer confined to the ethnic aisle, we’re the entire store”.

Some other interesting website highlights include the availability of on-line beauty consultations where you can fill out a form and get product recommendations or solutions for concerns like dark spots, discoloration and dryness.

There is a beauty blog on the site, which profiles successful women of color who are top shoppers at Doobop. It also offers advice and tips on skin care, make-up application etc. One recent post revealed how to get Lupita’s amazing, red carpet, make-up look. The Blog is adorably entitled, “Loud Mouth”.

Doobop has already gotten quite a bit of press with write-ups in the NY Times, The Huffington Post, Ebony and numerous others.

Beauty Is Diverse

There are typically numerous complaints and speculation surrounding the most prominent supermodel choices. We wonder why are there still so many fair skinned models dominating our views on magazine pages and during fashion week shows? We go even further to speculate on occasion that this sets a negative tone for young girls from diverse backgrounds who may define themselves poorly because they have a lack of role models who look like them and are considered by society to be “beautiful”. There is a website, www.beautyisdiverse.com, which is entirely dedicated to showcasing the talent of models from populations previously underserved by the fashion community. It takes an in-depth look at models from South America, the Caribbean, African and Asia who are making their way up through the ranks in a rapidly diversifying world of fashion and beauty.

More than just the color of a model’s skin the site also likes to profile the cultures and languages used by diverse models who now grace the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

You can also use the site for day-to-day fashion news and celebrity and red carpet event reporting.

African – American and Ethnic Rhinoplasty by Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj

In a similar vein, The Aesthetic Institute of New York & New Jersey recognize the need to combat a “one-size-fits-all” view in Cosmetic Surgery for the face. Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj is especially experienced in ethnic face and nose structures, which can be quite different from Caucasian structures.

He has just recently published a book, now available on-line on Amazon entitled, African-American and Ethnic Rhinoplasty. You can order the book for more information and/or schedule a consultation with Dr. Slupchynskyj to ask questions and take the next steps in a procedure that is appropriate for you regardless of your ethnic origins.


How Far Should I Travel for Cosmetic Surgery?

Making the decision to have Plastic Surgery should not be taken lightly. There are plenty of fluffy, happy articles online and in magazines about the wonderful benefits of looking younger and more attractive via Cosmetic Surgery procedures, but those results are only possible when clients do their homework. Choosing the best Plastic Surgeon is imperative to getting the results you desire, and that can mean traveling outside of your local area.

Here are things to consider if you are trying to determine how far you should travel for Cosmetic Surgery.

Who is the best Plastic Surgeon I can afford?

Just as with any profession, there are amazing Plastic Surgeons and there are those with a less than desirable track record. When you make the decision to have a Facelift, Rhinoplasty, or other procedures that will permanently alter the way you look, you want the most experienced and qualified Plastic Surgeon at the helm. Do your research and study credentials, their reputation and reviews, and view plenty of before and after pictures. Ask for references. Do they have a specialty? For example, Dr. Slupchynskyj is known for his revolutionary Ethnic Rhinoplasty procedures, so many of our patients travel a long ways to ensure their Ethnic Rhinoplasty or Revision Surgeries are done by the best.

If the Plastic Surgeons in your area don’t make the cut (pun intended) then make the investment to travel to a surgeon who you trust will provide the most desirable outcome. In other words, you want to travel as far as you need to in order to have your procedure(s) performed by the best Plastic Surgeon you can afford.

How long can I take off work?

Many people are concerned that traveling will cause them to miss additional work time; however, this isn’t necessarily the case. With more major procedures, such as a full Facelift or Nose Job, we recommend that patients take 7 to 10 days off anyway to allow any swelling, bruising, or discomfort to fade and to allow the stitches to heal. Being away from home can often enhance the recovery period, because you are able to fully relax, rest, and recuperate. You will need to meet with the doctor at the one week mark to ensure your incisions are healing properly. Then you are free to return home.

Many of our patients travel from other states and make this their “vacation” for the year. Their families take advantage of all there is to do and see here and New York, and our patients return home looking better, and feeling more confident, than ever before.

Understand the risks of traveling abroad.

There has been a recent trend to travel abroad for Plastic Surgery procedures. We wholeheartedly recommend that you think twice before leaving the United States to have Cosmetic Surgery. In most cases, patients go abroad for Plastic Surgery because the procedures cost considerably less money. However, they are not taking into consideration the holistic costs of your safety and well-being. The United States has some of the most stringent medical regulatory measures of any country in the world. You want to ensure someone who is fully educated, trained and qualified, and adheres to the industry standards does your surgery. Your life is literally in their hands.

Dr. S. has performed countless revision surgeries to correct shoddy work done overseas. In these cases, the clients spend considerably more money, when you take into consideration their initial expenses for travel and procedure(s), and then add them to the cost of Revision Surgery, not to mention the pain and suffering that occurs in between. When you travel outside the country for your Cosmetic procedures, you are putting yourself at risk for poor quality care before, during, and after your surgery. You are also exposed to foreign contaminants and diseases that can compromise your immune system, which will further complicate your recovery period. It is always best to find a Board Certified Surgeon in the United States who comes highly regarded.

Don’t Let Finances Keep You from Visiting the Best Plastic Surgeon Available

Never let finances get in the way of a top-notch Plastic Surgery procedure. Investing in the best possible outcome is well worth it. If finances are the only thing keeping you from having your Cosmetic Surgery procedures performed by a reputable surgeon, ask their office about financing options. Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj is one of the best Plastic Surgeons, and our office offers a variety of financing options to ensure you receive the high-quality procedures you deserve.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation, and begin making your travel plans for a Plastic Surgery procedure that will be done expertly the first time around.

Can Plastic Surgery Improve Athletic Performance?

When most of us think about Cosmetic Surgery procedures, we immediately jump to those procedures designed to enhance a person’s physical appearance such as Face Lifts, Breast Augmentation, or Ethnic Rhinoplasty; however, there is another aspect of Plastic Surgery that is lesser known, and that is the use of cosmetic surgical procedures to improve athletic performance.

Athletes and workout enthusiasts require certain physical abilities in order to gain the most of their workout, this includes things like the ability to efficiently transfer oxygen to the brain and muscles groups, physical comfort, and a sense of self confidence that empowers them to continue working and training harder to meet their goals. Cosmetic Surgery can enhance all of these aspects, which, in turn, with enhances their overall athletic performance.

The following are some of the ways Plastic Surgery can increase your athletic performance.

Breathe in, breathe out. Respiration is arguably the most important involuntary action our bodies perform in order to keep us alive. It allows our lungs to be filled with oxygen-rich air that is then transferred from the alveoli into your blood stream. After the oxygen has been delivered to your cells, this process is reversed in order to release the byproducts, mainly carbon monoxide, back out into the atmosphere. If your body isn’t able to take in the oxygen it needs, and release toxic carbon monoxide, your body will begin to feel the effects immediately.

For athletes, even a slight disruption in the respiratory process can be detrimental to their sport or workout routine. Often, these issues crop up in the nasal passages, where narrow passages, anatomical obstructions, or other deformities prevent the nose from being able to suck in enough air to oxygenate the blood stream. Rhinoplasty can be used to restore normal breathing functions, enhancing the oxygenation process and improving overall performance. It is also critical in correcting sleep apnea, which can prevent athletes from getting the sound sleep they need to heal and revitalize their tired muscles.

Physical comfort. When you lead a physical lifestyle, it’s critical that you are comfortable in your body. For women, large breasts can become a detriment in sports. They are cumbersome and can be difficult to adequately support, even with the use of sports bras. Larger breasts are heavy, which make it more difficult for the body to maneuver agilely and can cause neck, shoulder and back pain. They also increase a woman’s body temperature, and are more prone to injury, which can cause further physical discomfort. As such, Breast Reduction is a popular Cosmetic Surgery option for female athletes with large breasts.

Self-confidence boost. When it comes to athletic performance, there is more at work than just your physical ability. Self-confidence and a positive attitude are also important components. We often encounter patients who long to workout at the gym, or get back to their favorite athletic past times, but their insecurities about their physical appearance prevent them from working out in public.

Cosmetic Surgeries, such as Face Lifts, Nose Jobs, Liposuction and Breast Enhancement procedures, can provide a much needed self-confidence boost. We have had many patients come back and report how their lives have been transformed after finally getting the Cosmetic Surgery they had been pining for. That being said, it is important that you get Cosmetic Surgery for the right reasons. Please read our post regarding the 7 Questions to Ask When Deciding if Cosmetic Surgery is Right For You before making an appointment for a consultation.

Do You Think Plastic Surgery Would Enhance Your Athletic Performance?

If you think your athletic performance would be enhanced by Cosmetic Surgery procedures, please contact the office of Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj. In addition to being a Double Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon based in Manhattan, he has been recognized worldwide for his innovative procedures and inventions. These include the SLUPlift™,which is a revolutionary procedure that provides the benefits of a facelift using a less-invasive surgical procedure, and theSLUPimplant™, a nasal bridge reconstruction that is particularly beneficial in Ethnic Rhinoplasty outcomes. We look forward to using Cosmetic Surgery to help you increase your athletic performance.

Why African-American Patients Are Choosing Rhinoplasty

Regardless of your race, your nose is the centerpiece of your face. A nose that is wider, longer, more round, or generally larger in proportion with the rest of your features, can make you feel self-conscious. As such, people of all races spend inordinate amounts of time, staring in the mirror wishing that things could be a little different. For African Americans, the most common wish is for their nose to be slightly longer and more angular than the one they have. In fact, out of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures, including Face Lifts, Rhinoplasty (Cosmetic Surgery to correct the nose) Brow Lifts, and Chin Augmentation, 65 percent of African Americans choose Ethnic Rhinoplasty as their cosmetic procedure of choice. In addition to providing a more balanced facial proportion, African American Rhinoplasty increases self-confidence and can improve breathing performance.

African-American Rhinoplasty is One of the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Ethnic Rhinoplasty has come a long way over the past few decades. It used to be that plastic surgeons applied the same techniques to their African American patients as they did for their Caucasian counterparts. This resulted in noses that did not match the patients’ facial profiles, and often resulted in complications that required multiple revision surgeries. Rather than making a patient’s nose look more “white,” Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj customizes his Ethnic Rhinoplasty procedure so that an Ethnic or African American patient can change the things they don’t like about their nose, without sacrificing any of their unique, ethnic identity or features. In fact, he invented the revolutionary SLUPimplant™ for that very reason.

There are five typical reasons why African-American Rhinoplasty is such a popular choice:

  1. Refine the tip. It is common for some ethnic and African American noses to have a more broad, or “bulbous” tip. If this is the case for a patient, the procedure will focus on refining the tip, which could also include an extension of the bridge, to create a nose that is slightly more refined, but still retains its own personality.
  2. Narrow or elevate the nasal bridge. The nasal bridge is the portion of the nose that extends from the forehead to the tip of the nose. In ethnic and some African American clients, this portion of the nose can be shorter, which creates a more flattened aesthetic. By elevating and narrowing the bridge of the nose, patients are able to decrease the shape of their nose and often improve breathing performance as well.
  3. Shorten the length of the nasal bridge. Conversely, a patient’s nose may have a nasal bridge that seems excessively long for the rest of their facial proportions, in which case. Dr. Slupchynskyj can shorten the bridge and alter any other contours that need to be corrected.
  4. Resizing the nostrils. It is common for the nostrils to be resized as part of the above procedures in order for the new nose to be in proportion, as well as with surrounding facial features. In most cases, we are able to resize the nostrils in relationship to the smaller nostril, rather than the other way around.
  5. Correct miscellaneous imperfections. Other typical nasal imperfections, such as a crooked or off-center nose, or bumps along the nasal bridge, can be corrected during the procedure for a more even, balanced, and smooth profile.

It is important that patients interested in Ethnic and African American Rhinoplasty choose a plastic surgeon who is experienced in Ethnic Rhinoplasty and has a high success rate with a history of satisfied clients. This procedure can be tricky for more general plastic surgeons. African American Rhinoplasty can be more challenging as the patients’ noses often have thicker skin, excess fatty tissue and poor supporting cartilages.

The Majority of Patients who Undergo African American Rhinoplasty an Increase in Self Esteem

In a review of 75 patients who have undergone Ethnic Nasal Rhinoplasty, 90 percent felt their new nose was in harmony with the rest of their facial features. When asked whether or not the results of their surgery met their expectations, 98 percent said yes, and 95 percent of the patients agreed that their self-esteem was average or above average following their Rhinoplasty procedure. The combination of nasal implants, and revisions to nasal imperfections, result in a new nose that is in proportion with surrounding facial features, maintains the unique ethnic aesthetic of each patient, improves any existing breathing difficulties, and increases self-esteem.

If you are interested in learning more about ethnic and African American Rhinoplasty during a consultation with Dr. Slupchynskyj, please contact our office. You will have the opportunity to see a wide variety of before and after pictures, express your concerns, and can have all of your questions answered. You can also take advantage of our computer imaging technology so you can see what you will look like with various Rhinoplasty corrections.

Nasal Implants and Ethnic Rhinopasty

For the past 30 years, Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery (also called a “nose job”) has become one of the most popular cosmetic Surgery procedures. Nearly a million patients have undergone the surgery to relieve both cosmetic and functional breathing problems. In recent years, a growing number of Ethnic and African-American patients have sought Rhinoplasty Surgery to improve their appearance and to address respiratory ailments. Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj, a highly recognized top New York City Facial Plastic Surgeon, has pioneered advanced techniques in Ethnic Rhinoplasty in addition to a clinically proven nasal augmentation technique to address concerns specific to his Ethnic patients.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty is a process that enables an African American Rhinoplasty Surgeon to Alter the shape of the nose. The surgery can lengthen or shorten the nose, alter the angle between the base of the nose and upper lip, or flatten out bumps along the bridge of the nose. Once the Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgeon has reshaped the nose to its desired contours, he or she then sutures the incision and fastens a splint to the nose to protect it from injury and preserve its shape.

One of the most sought-after procedures for many Ethnic and African-American patients is a nasal bridge augmentation or elevation. As the name implies, the goal of the procedure is to improve the structure of the nasal bridge. Dr. Slupchynskyj can opt to use natural cartilage from another part of the patient’s body to rebuild the nasal bridge; however, any irregularities in the shape of the cartilage can make the task of straightening the nose more difficult. Many Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgeons will opt for plastic materials or nasal implants to reshape the nasal bridge structure and keep the nose straight. However, if the implant is improperly placed or not customized to fit the contours of the patient’s nose, it can stretch the nasal skin, producing a less than desirable result with possible attending complications. In such a case, Ethnic Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery would be necessary.

After many years of treating numerous Ethnic and African-American patients and conducting nasal bridge augmentation procedures, Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj invented a special type of implant that improves both the function and the aesthetics of the patient’s nose. The SLUPimplant™, unlike any of the other nasal implants in use today, is not a preformed implant and is specially designed for Dr. Slupchynskyj’s use in nasal bridge augmentation surgeries. While the primary application of the SLUPimplant™ is in nasal bridge augmentation for African-American and other Ethnic patients, it also has many other uses. Patients who require a higher degree of structure and volume in the nasal bridge area often do not have their needs met by either the transfer of cartilage from other areas or the insertion of a “one-size-fits-all” artificial implant. Dr. Slupchynskyj’s SLUPimplant™ is custom made and sculpted to meet the desires of the individual patient, while maintaining the qualities distinctively attractive to their ethnicity.

The custom carved silicone implant (Implantech, Ca) differs from the I-shaped silicone implant in its shape and size; it is a lower profile, contoured implant. The custom carved silicone implant (Implantech, Ca) is designed to fit in a subperichondrial–subperiosteal pocket created through an Open Rhinoplasty approach. The custom carved silicone implant (Implantech, Ca) elevates the nasal – dorsal and naso-frontal soft tissue, creating a natural shape and elevation. Because of the custom carved silicone implant’s (Implantech, Ca) smaller profile when compared to an I-shaped silicone implant, a smaller, more defined pocket is created, leaving less chance for extrusion. Furthermore, the cephalic end of the implant is angled to fit the shape of the naso-frontal angle, ensuring a snug fit.

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