5 Great Spot for Wellness and Balance in New York City

Wellness and balance are as important as diet and exercise when it comes to overall health. We understand that as amazing as New York City is, it can also be a hectic place to live. For this reason, we have compiled our top five spots for wellness and balance in NYC. Erika Bloom Pilates Erika Bloom Pilates… Read More »

Could a Facelift be the Key to Your Next Promotion?

In the spirit of honesty, it must be said that looks do matter in this world. This concept is old and archaic, but it’s still a part of our world. We’ve made many strides and our society has progressed a lot, but sadly, a person’s outside appearance is still very important when it comes to… Read More »

In Michigan, Butt Implants Most Googled Plastic Surgery

Plastic-Surgery in the United States

Have you ever thought about getting a Butt Implant? If the answer is no, chances are your neighbor or co-worker has given it serious thought. Based on a new report from analysts at HighSpeedInternet.com, Butt Implants are on the minds of Internet users across the state — it’s the Plastic Surgery Michigan residents are googling most… Read More »

Facelift for Neck: What Are My Options?

Got turkey neck? Loose skin and fat on the neck are common, but also very treatable. Come see Dr. Slupchynskyj and explore your options. Tighten up your neck and improve your appearance with one of these recommended treatments. We offer both minimally invasive and surgical procedures to treat turkey necks, double chins, and sagging neck… Read More »

Facelift for Under Eye Bags

Do you have under eye bags? A common misconception about facelift surgery is that it corrects all signs of facial aging. A facelift does provide a dramatic, rejuvenating facial transformation, but it isn’t the right solution for every concern. If you have puffiness under the eyes, under the eye bags, sagging eyelids, or drooping around… Read More »

Eyes Are Windows: A Sight to Behold

limbal ring

Of all the attributes that provide attractive individuals with an advantage, here’s one that you’ve undoubtedly overlooked: the limbal ring, the dark circle around the iris. The limbal ring is the line that separates the colored part of the eye from the white (the sclera). It’s wholly subliminal, the way we discern others’ limbal rings…. Read More »

How Soon Can I Wear Makeup After My Facelift?

You’ll be back on your feet and ready to get back to life just a few days after your facelift, but many patients still have visible incisions, swelling, and bruising. Many patients cover this bruising and discoloration with foundations and concealers so they can return to work and social engagements more quickly. How soon can… Read More »

9 Reasons Why Fall is the Perfect Season for a Facelift

Has the summer social season caused you to realize the skin on your face and neck isn’t what it used to be? We believe that growing older is inevitable, while aging is entirely optional. If you agree, this may be the perfect time to schedule a consultation learn more about how you can enjoy a naturally… Read More »

Cracking the Code: Facial Recognition

Scientists disclose the sophisticated math behind the brain’s visual perception of faces. Family, friends, colleagues, casual acquaintances—how does the brain process and recognize the countless sea of faces we wade through every day? New research from Caltech reveals that the brain uses a simple and elegant mechanism to represent facial identity. The findings demonstrate a… Read More »